Building Wealth From Scratch in the Stock Market

Your Path to Financial Independence

Create Your Own Wealth Success Story: Take control of your financial future and become a successful investor.

Begin your journey to financial freedom with 'Building Wealth From Scratch in the Stock Market'. Start now and witness your wealth multiply. Join the league of successful investors who've benefited from 'Building Wealth.'

This 12-month, step-by-step guide empowers you to build a thriving share portfolio starting with just $500.

Whether you're a novice or looking to reinvigorate your portfolio, our course eliminates the guesswork and equips you with a proven system for success.

Transform Your Financial Future

Building Wealth is more than just a course—it's a gateway to achieving lasting financial security. Developed by Richard Hemming, an experienced investor and respected financial journalist, this program offers you a structured path filled with logical, strategic steps designed to double your wealth. Dive into practical, hands-on learning that covers everything from exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and blue chips to small caps, crafted to ensure you gain the confidence and tools necessary for investing your money and stock market success.

Your Investment Blueprint

The $500 Strategy is your foundation within this course, promoting disciplined investment habits from the start. It's not just about making money; it's about making smart, informed decisions that grow your wealth sustainably. This strategy, coupled with insights into compound returns, contrarian investing, and diversification, prepares you to navigate the stock market with authority and precision.

Building Wealth walks you through exactly what to do for the full first year of investing! It's a straightforward and proven system and financial plan that will give you the confidence and the tools to become a successful investor in the stock market. 

  • No theory, just a practical, hands-on plan for a diverse investment portfolio that continuously grows your wealth.

  • Get a step-by-step plan of action you can use immediately to start your portfolio [or get your portfolio growing again]

  • Learn how you can invest in shares and succeed whether you have a little budget or a lot of money

  • Understand the different kinds of shares and how they affect your portfolio

  • Gain investing experience without high risk

  • Invest in shares with a fresh perspective and powerful strategy

  • Cut years off your learning curve and start investing while you build a diversified portfolio that will continue to grow.

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Course Inclusions

$500 Strategy

Access to our exclusive $500 Strategy + Monthly Portfolio Checklist
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Ebook + Workbook

Follow the step by step program each month
Instant access to course materials

Start Investing by sectors

Get a bonus Blue Chip report
Build your core portfolio

Supporting investment community

Accessible from the second half of 2024 + continuous learning opportunities
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Hear from our successful investors:

Peter Chilton:

"This course is a discipline, like a pilot’s checklist before flight. It's great for getting back to basics and helping my young adult children meet their financial goals and start their wealth-building journey."

Makario Railston (16 years old):

"The explanations are clear, making it easy for someone new to investing to get started and make money."

Why Choose 'Building Wealth'?

The Key Benefits of the Building Wealth Course That Make It Easy For Anyone Ready To Succeed Take Action. This system gives you everything you need to become a successful investor.

Confident Decision-Making: Gain the confidence to navigate the stock market with informed decisions, altering your decisions, portfolio and outcomes positively and decisively.

Disciplined Investing Habits: Develop a disciplined approach to investing right from the start, diving into six powerful strategies encompassing compound returns, contrarian investing, and the transformative power of portfolio diversification.

✓ Logic Over Emotion: No more emotionally driven investment decisions! Embrace a world where logic, strategic planning and evidence based research are the guiding forces to wealth creation, leading to potential wealth doubling in just a few years—no guesswork or high-risk manoeuvers required.

✓ Small Cap Stocks Unveiled: Discover the untapped potential of ASX Small Cap Stocks, unraveling the hidden strengths of growth stocks and understanding their pivotal role in constructing and nurturing a sustainable, growth-oriented portfolio.

✓ Revolutionary $500 Strategy: At the core of this unique system lies the groundbreaking $500 Strategy, an uncommon yet highly effective approach leveraging knowledge and specialised tools for maximum gains in the market.

✓ Actionable Plan: Move beyond theoretical knowledge and embrace a hands-on, actionable plan that builds a rock-solid, diversified core portfolio, tirelessly multiplying your wealth day in and day out.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Will Building Wealth From Scratch In The Stock Market work for me if I don’t have any experience in investing in the stock market?

A: This course caters to you if you are an early investor new to the stock market and shares or if you are an intermediate or advanced level investor looking to improve your results. Building Wealth is our foundational course. Whether you're new to investing or looking to enhance your skills, 'Building Wealth' provides a comprehensive roadmap for success to build your wealth over the long term.

Q: Can ‘Building Wealth’ guarantee specific returns, and what is the level of risk involved?

A: While no guarantees can be made, 'Building Wealth' introduces proven principles and strategies that historically show strong potential for wealth building. The course emphasises a logical, disciplined approach to investment strategies to minimise risk and maximise returns.

Q How much time commitment is required weekly for the course?

A: 'Building Wealth' is designed to be flexible and adaptable to individual schedules. While the exact time commitment may vary, dedicating half an hour per week is recommended for optimal learning and implementation of the strategies taught in the course.

Q. Is ongoing support provided after completing the course, and are there additional resources available?

A: Yes, 'Building Wealth' actually includes many support tools, we also offer a support email to get any questions answered, plus we give you sample reports to help you with solid independently researched insights, we have an investing community planned for second quarter 2024, a monthly newsletter and additional bonus materials throughout the year to ensure participants have the necessary resources for continued learning and success in their investment journey.

Q What sets ‘Building Wealth’ apart from other investment programs, and why should I choose this course?

A: 'Building Wealth' stands out due to its systematic, logical approach, combining various proven strategies, including compound returns, contrarian investing, and portfolio diversification. It provides a hands-on, actionable plan and leverages the expertise of Richard Hemming, who has a track record of empowering thousands to flourish in the stock market. The choice is clear: stay on your current path or join the path to building wealth.

About The Author

Richard Hemming is co-founder and head of investments at Under the Radar Report. Richard studied economics, politics, and statistics at university, then worked as an analyst for broking firms and research houses until his early thirties. It was during this time he turned a few thousand dollars into a diversified share portfolio, achieving financial freedom. He also worked as a journalist for the Australian Financial Review, Investors’ Chronicle, and the Financial Times in the UK and has written columns on investing for The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, and The Sydney Morning Herald. He also appeared on television for Sky Business News. Through Under the Radar Report, he has helped thousands of Australians to grow their wealth. Now it’s your turn.

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