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ASX Banking & Finance Sector: Stock Research

The banking and finance sector is one of the largest markets on the ASX. There are 22 banking companies listed in the banking industry and another 430 within diversified financials. Approximately five of the top 10 largest domestic Australian companies are in retail or investment banking groups, with a collective market cap of several billion.

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Australian bank shares on the ASX — what we watch

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia (ASX: CBA)

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is Australia’s biggest bank and most profitable, leveraging its market dominance to achieve returns un-matched by competitors. CBA also operates in seven international locations, including Argentina, Brazil, Asia, NZ and the US and UK. Strengths include:

  • Dominant market mortgage market share

  • High return on equity

  • Technological superiority

Westpac Bank (ASX: WBC)

Westpac Bank provides personal, business and corporate banking services in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the US and UK. To date, they have served 14 million people over a period of over 200 years. They hold the title of Australia’s oldest company and first banking institution.

  • Well-established brand

  • Diverse service offering

  • Big retail base

National Australia Bank (ASX: NAB)

Sometimes referred to as NAB, the National Australia Bank is the 52nd largest bank in the world. It competes with four other Australian banks in terms of market capitalisation and operates in over 3,500 locations in Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Today, NAB is one of the largest ASX listed companies: Strengths include:

  • AA- rating by Standard & Poor's

  • Business banking dominance

  • Highly regarded CEO

ANZ Group (ASX: ANZ)

ANZ based in Melbourne, is Australia’s second-largest bank in terms of assets and is among the four biggest in terms of value or market capitalisation. Today, the company serves 8.5 million customers across 32 different markets.  Strengths include:

  • High operating income

  • Large domestic market presence

  • Asian presence.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (ASX: BEN)

Operating primarily in retail banking, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is a strong blue cap that falls within the top 100 by market capitalistion on the ASX. The company serves 1.9 million customers nationwide and has served the Australian public for 160 years. Today, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank command an impressive market cap of $5.65 billion AUD.

Highlights include:

  • Established name and business presence

  • Relatively stable stock price

  • Strong capital base

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There are hundreds of Australian bank shares available on the ASX, many of which can be difficult to evaluate. If you want to access solid returns and appreciated share prices, you should focus on obtaining a greater knowledge of the marketplace with quality, independent research.

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