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Welcome to Under the Radar Report! The home of powerful Small Cap Investing.

As a beginner investor we will help you to buy your first shares.

Our independent research will provide a valuable tool for you to profit from the high octane world of ASX Small Caps.

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How To Get Your Money Working Harder

Picking 7+ stocks

One goal is to build portfolio of 7 or more Small Caps, as well as Blue Chips to enable you to have a portfolio that delivers income and growth over the long-term.

Finding winners

Over the short-medium term – 6 to 18 months – you are hunting to buy two or three winners. These are most often currently small companies, but which have the capacity to become much bigger just by doing more of what they’re doing.

Paying Dividends

We are also looking to get paid while we do this, which is where strong dividend payers come in, which also have growth potential.

7 Easy Steps to start building your share portfolio

You can build up confidence and start slowly or you can fast-track this portfolio building plan by buying more stocks more quickly.

0-3 months: Establish a watchlist

Before you hit buy on your first share it's good to start a 'watchlist' of stocks. You can use our dashboard to add stocks you like to your watchlist.

Our subscribers head straight to our Best Stocks to Buy List on our small cap dashboard. Stocks that have been on this list have delivered an average return of 83.3%.

Our analyst team have already vetted all our stocks to check their key financials and the plan for growth.

Our stocks are listed buy Buy and Spec Buy. Spec buy simply means speculative buy - it means the stock has more risks (which we will always outline, or is at the start of it's growth journey). Consider your own risk profile and which stocks are right for you.

2-6 months: Buy a stock

Buy a stock that is readily traded, (which means there is a small bid/offer spread). For your first share, we recommend that you don’t spend much. Buy a small holding. This is what we call liquidity and your ability to get out will give you comfort. Learn more about how to start investing in shares!

How to start investing in shares

You will notice that the price of each share will move within the day and week. How much you pay for a share will determine your returns. It's good to watch your stocks to see the price range before you buy.

6-9 months: Buy two more stocks

Buy stocks in two other sectors, with different characteristics. Again, don’t spend much, buy a small holding. It's important to diversify your portfolio, which means, buying shares in different industries. Maybe they’ve got a subscription model, maybe they’re dividend payers. Maybe they’re resources. The point is that each stock you own is very different from the other.

9-12 months: Watch how the stocks perform.

You really should go through two reporting periods. Read what the management and board have to say.

Quick Tip
Read what Under the Radar Report/Blue Chip Value says!

12-15 months: Build a Portfolio

Over the next six months add to these three stocks, if you feel confident, dip your toe into four more. This builds you up to the magic 7-10 number.

15-18 months: Keep Building your Portfolio

Congratulations! You’re a portfolio manager. Over the next six months keep buying – another four stocks, but also look to trim any positions that you are not comfortable with. Each week you need to ask yourself the question of the stocks in your portfolio, would I buy this stock today?

Quick Tip
Think about reducing the capital gains tax by holding a stock for over 12 months.

18-24 months: The Final Four

This might be more, it might be less. You are building your portfolio up to 15 stocks.

If you follow Under the Radar Report’s recommendations, you should not pay too much.  Don’t chase is a key tenet of investing in our fundamental and value orientated approach.

Quick Tip
Give yourself a pat on the back and monitor your portfolio every month and/or when there is new news. Under the Radar Report’s team of analysts keep a close eye on every stock we recommend. We don’t set and forget!

Key takeouts to make the most of your 14-day trial

When you start your 14 day free trial or you upgrade to a paid subscription you:

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  • Small Cap report, emailed Thursday mornings @7am

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  • Have questions? email radar@undertheradarreport.com.au

Through independent research we can reduce your risk and help you select the quality companies with strong fundamentals and clear growth signals to grow your wealth. The proof is in the pudding.

  • In over 300 individual stock recommendations, we have delivered an average return of 75.1%.

  • The average return on our Best Stocks to Buy recommendations is 83.3%.

How our reports work

  • We cover 100 stocks - you can’t possibly follow them all, but head to our best buys to find the stocks we like right now.

  • We give regular updates for the subscribers who own them so they know when to buy, sell and hold.

  • We cover 12-24 new stocks every year

  • Follow our Small Cap portfolio to check out how we have set up a winning small cap focused portfolio.

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Your next steps!

Create a watchlist of 15 stocks

More than this and it might be too hard to keep track. Less and you’re not giving yourself a big enough sample size.

Our Best Buys

Use Under the Radar Report’s Best Buys as a starting point. Use our Performance Tracker and sort by Rating.

Read Our Market Updates

Read recent Under the Radar Report Small Cap Portfolio updates, use Blue Chip Value’s Research Rundown and have a look at Blue Chip Value Portfolio.