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We pick and give independent research on 10 Small Caps selected to boost your portfolio. Our best stocks to buy table will help you choose which stocks to buy right now to get you started.


10 Best Stocks to Buy
10 Best Stocks to Buy

Our experts gives you a weekly deep-dive into the 10 latest shares to buy. Get the tips first.

Weekly Buy, Hold & Sell
Weekly Buy, Hold & Sell

Stay informed on each stock in your portfolio and save countless hours with our active stock tip updates.

Access Radar's Portfolio
Access Radar's Portfolio

See how Radar's portfolio is outperforming the market, and replicate it for your own portfolio.

Research on 200+ Stocks
Research on 200+ Stocks

We give you the full context on every stock tip with research dating back to 2011

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Blue Chip Stock Research

In one seash table access our Price Targets, key investment metrics and updated Buy, Hold and sells.

We only cover 40 of the top Blue Chip ASX shares that we agree are worth buying. Follow how our Portfolio Manager has constructed a portfolio that is outperforming the share market. Long and boring? No, it's short and sharp. We also include our Price Targets that guide you on where the share price will be in 12-months time.

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