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Under the Radar Report: Blue Chip Value Australian Stock report is your one stop shop for managing your Blue Chip portfolio of ASX shares. This stock report is a must have for anyone looking to know which ASX shares to buy and who wants to improve the performance of their ASX share portfolio.


Defensive value attributes and a heavy weighting to the banks and resources are delivering outperformance for Under the Radar Blue Chip.


The Blue Chip Value Portfolio has been strong chiefly due to the overweight position in the banks and key industrials including Telstra (TLS). At the same time, many active funds have been underweight the banks because of the Royal Commission. We successfully bought the Royal Commission fear.

The Blue Chip Value ASX Share Portfolio continues to extend its outperformance of its benchmark, the S&P/ASX 200 Index, generating a return over the past 12 months to 31 May of 14% versus the Index return of 11%. Our Portfolio Manager Sam Ferraro gives valuable advice for building and managing your own portfolio telling you what we are doing now.

Our PRICE TARGETS and clear Buy, Sell, Hold ratings have become invaluable for subscribers who depend on our ASX share recommendations to stay ahead of the share market and generate stronger returns from their investments. 

Up to 50% of your share portfolio should be invested in the big end of the market and at Under the Radar Report our team of experts help you choose which ASX shares to include in your portfolio. It's really easy to follow and the ratings make it easy for you to know what trades to make.

Set Up Your ASX Share Portfolio: We tell you which ASX Shares to buy.

What is Under the Radar doing with the ASX Banks now?
The whole rationale for being overweight in the banks is that they were historically cheap based on price to book multiples and their strong profitability, or return on equity estimates. On top of that, the increase in capital adequacy requirements from the regulator APRA, meant that they had considerably strengthened their balance sheets. On our valuations, the banks remain good value, but not the “rock bottom prices” we saw in 2018.

In our table of updated recommendations and price targets it shows that National Australia Bank (NAB) rates the highest by a clear margin, followed by ANZ Bank (ANZ) and then Westpac (WBC). The Commonwealth Bank (CBA) remains in the portfolio, but is not as good value. We are comfortable with this being in the portfolio and we’ll explain why. The CBA position is interesting because it has the largest index weight of those four banks, being the largest. From the BCV Portfolio perspective, because we equal weighted the banks at 9% each, our active bet on CBA is actually the smallest. In other words, CBA has the lowest expected return of the banks, but it also has the lowest active weight.

The best way to think about the Australian share market is in three buckets: resources; financials and industrials. Most Australian active funds would be overweight in the industrials bucket and use either or both underweight positions in resources and financials to fund this.

The BCV Portfolio has been overweight for a long time in the financials bucket and the resources bucket. We funded those two sectors with an aggregate underweight position in the industrial sector. In the past year this has been the right call to make.

Even though the Chinese economy has slowed, resources have held up remarkably well because commodity prices have continued to be strong; while the banks have recovered strongly after weakness during the Royal Commission.

Telstra (TLS) was a drag on the performance 12 months ago. Even though the bottom up fundamentals weren’t favourable (industry dynamics, NBN etc), BCV Portfolio maintained an overweight position because we needed a presence in the industrials bucket. It offered diversification benefits. As it’s turned out, this was the right call. In large part this is because competitive pressures have lessened. Patience really is a virtue in share investing.

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