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Our Performance

We give you the best ASX Small Cap Stocks to Buy

We have active research and clear Buy/Hold/Sells on 100+ ASX Small Cap stocks. Since 2011 Under the Radar Report has delivered an average return of:

  • 50% on all our 200+ Small Cap shares
  • 60% from our best Small Cap shares to buy stocks
  • 655% is for our best performing stocks

Our ASX Small Cap Stocks are Big Winners

The Small Caps stocks that Under the Radar Report covers and advocates buying you won't find anywhere else. Fund managers are not interested in Small Caps, because they are too small and it is hard for big funds to get a meaningful stake. It’s where you as an individual investor have the edge. Small Caps can provide real and significant growth for your portfolio and they can be at the risky end of the investment spectrum. To find and understand the growth opportunities that Small Caps provide you need Under the Radar Report, as you need strong underlying analysis of these stocks.
On all the 200+ Small Caps we have recommended, they have returned an average of 50%. Our top 10 stocks, have returned over 700% showing what our Small Cap stock tips can do for your portfolio.

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Our Small Cap Growth Portfolio: Up 49%

Our ASX Small Cap portfolio is designed and regularly updated by our Share Portfolio manager. This portfolio of diversified ASX Small Cap shares is focussed on growth and is consistently outperforming the market. Our subscribers use our ASX Small Cap portfolio to guide their own portfolio structure.

Investment Performance*

17/11/2011 to 12/05/2020 *First Dollar measured this portfolios total investment performance.


The table below shows how well Under the Radar Report’s Small Cap Portfolio has performed compared with the market.  



Your Small Cap strategy to give you real growth

To achieve 10.5% a year you need to win big on one or two investments. It’s all about having a diversified ASX share portfolio. Under the Radar Report helps you achieve this by providing you with weekly ASX listed Small Cap stock tips, with growth potential that are currently priced cheaply.

Under the Radar Report has a proprietary investment process to select our Small Cap stocks. We do the hard work of choosing which ASX stocks to buy for you. We screen over 2,000 stocks and have selected 100+ that we agree offer the best risk/return. These can be found in our best stocks to buy list each week to make it easy for you to narrow down which stocks you could buy.

We continue to update you on these stock tips, constantly reviewing and analysing the company announcements and financials plus we interview management regularly. 

Transparency at Under the Radar Report

We are the most transparent stock report in Australia. Subscribers can login online and download the full listing of all the 100 ASX listed small caps we cover and view the key investment metrics and our current views on each small cap stock. This spreadsheet is updated weekly, and you can view the small cap stocks that have done really well, and we don't hide the small caps that haven't.
To download this spreadsheet login and click on ‘Download Performance Tracker’ under the Latest Reports tab.

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