Stocks and Beers with Rich: Energy Stocks Returning 100%!

Salud! Welcome back to Stocks and Beers with Rich! This week, with electricity in the air from the World Cup, Rich asks what’s going to power it? We toast the great returns that investing in the diverse energy sector has provided us and investors, as Rich delves into the high interest rate environment we’ve been forecasting and which we find ourselves in. ¡Viva Argentina!

How to Energise Your Portfolio in 2023

Electricity requires energy which is facing increasing demand, leveraging certain stocks to explode. We see this in some of our stars of 2022, returning 106% a year for the past three years: Pilbara Minerals (PLS), Karoon Energy (KAR) and Paladin Energy (PDN).

Three High Energy ASX Tech Stocks!

Running off the highs from Integrated Research (ASX:IRI) returning 75% in the past 15 days, Rich dives into the high octane technology sector to find the diamonds in the rough. Value investing has never been more important.

Stocks and Beers with Rich: Going Nuclear

Start your reactors! This week Rich dives into all things power and energy, covering the resurgent nuclear stocks, as well as battery metals. He shows how energy that powers the world, can power your portfolio.

Uranium: Nuclear Special Investing Report

The small modular reactor is a game changer in this space. We currently have FIVE uranium ASX Small Cap stocks with a Buy/Spec Buy rating set to benefit from this growth sector.

Market Insight: Three Niche Gas Stocks

The international market for gas has been upended this year with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Below we list THREE Small Cap stocks that have strong niches from which to exploit the rising gas prices.

Stocks and Beers with Rich: Going nuclear with a new stock under coverage

This week’s all about energy and the small caps disrupting the sector. Rich talks Uranium, Oil and Gas and discusses how to protect your portfolio by reducing risk.

Market Insight: Oil & Gas Part 2

UTRR mining analyst Peter Chilton looks at the changing face of the international and domestic gas markets, which has produced opportunities for investors in small cap gas developers.

Stocks and Beers with Rich: Which Stocks are set to profit from climbing gas prices?

Welcome to Stocks and Beers with Rich! This week Rich explains why Small Cap gas producers are poised to take advantage of the gas market, disrupting their bigger counterparts.

Market Insight: Oil & Gas Analysis

The oil price has been volatile but in the long-term, prices will be driven by a lack of supply due to changes in the global energy mix while the world leans toward clean renewables and away from fossil fuels. This is why despite fears of slowing global growth the oil and gas prices remain historically high.

Market Analysis: Hydrogen

Hydrogen is not a new commodity; in fact, it has a large existing market. Its use as a source of energy is about the future, and the future is happening faster than you might think.

Energy: Stock Picking and Rising Energy Prices

Under the Radar Report was correct to predict that the oil price would be stronger for longer. We’ve been generating good profits from the sector, including from Karoon Energy (KAR), which returned 117% in less than 12 months.

Now that the oil price has come back from its highs we take a look at the wider energy sector – oil &gas, nuclear, lithium, batteries, hydrogen – and the individual stocks that have the potential to be our next KAR.

Vulcan Energy: New Plant, New Tech, No Carbon: Is It True?

Vulcan Energy (ASX;VUL) is going ballistic. A year ago its shares were well under $1 and today they’re not far off its recent highs of $15.45! Under the Radar Report has been riding this phenomenon, having recommended the stock at below $8 in early July.

Going Nuclear With Shares!

Our uranium stocks are on a tear, with an average return of 107% over the past six months. One of the key drivers is the increasing demand for nuclear generation, with no realistic alternative currently available for viably reducing carbon emissions. This was a key feature of the discussion at COP26. The pressure is rising!


Supply constraints emanating from the boycott on Russian product on top of increasing demand means that the oil price is getting squeezed. Under the Radar Report said it would go to US$100 a barrel. We now think it will go much higher.

Three ASX listed stocks set to benefit from the emerging WA Gas shortage

European gas prices are getting the big headlines after Russia’s state-owned energy provider Gazprom halted supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, prompting prices in that market to spike as much as 20%.

Four ASX Energy Stocks To Heat Up Your Portfolio

We cover five energy stocks to buy including Cooper Energy (COE), Origin Energy (ORG), Worley (WOR), and APA Group (APA), and discuss why gas and to a lesser extent oil prices are spiking.

10 Energy Stocks For Your ASX Share Portfolio

In this video, our editor Richard Hemming and Resource Analyst Peter Chilton discuss the energy stocks you need to charge up your ASX Share Portfolio. Watch the video to discover the stocks.

Three ASX Energy Stocks To Buy Now

Three ASX energy stocks to buy now Cooper Energy (COE), Origin Energy (ORG) and Worley (WOR).

The oil price is heading higher and here's why

The combination of increasing short-term demand and the reduction in new oil projects and likely oil exploration will tighten the supply demand balance, likely leading to higher oil prices. This is why it is definitely worth investing selectively in oil stocks that have existing producing and high probability growth assets.

Battery Powered Lithium demand

Lithium demand is climbing faster than expected with Electric Vehicle sales exceeding forecasts in 2021 as shown graphically below. This has led to increases in demand forecasts, and substantial increases in prices for lithium relating to battery inputs

Market Insight: is BHP a Hold Sell or Buy?

You can’t go past BHP Group (ASX:BHP) this week. The Big Australian is spinning off its oil and gas assets into Woodside Petroleum (ASX:WPL), which gives BHP shareholders a standalone oil and gas exposure. It’s another huge deal but it says so much about investing.

Take Advantage with Small Oil and Gas Producers and Big Contractors

A great deal of attention is on gas at the moment, but big opportunities are in oil as its price moves well beyond pre-pandemic levels. We look at why existing producers and smaller oil producers, in particular, are in the box seat.