Andy Gracey Australian Ethical - Fund Manager Series

Andy Gracey, Portfolio Manager at Australian Ethical

One of the most experienced biotech investors around, having run the Australian Ethical portfolio for 20 years, says that demand for stocks is rocketing. But he also says that you need to be careful.

Getting Rich with Rich: Top Australian Gas Stocks & Market Updates

Discover ASX gas stocks with big potential in the energy transition. Cooper Energy $COE and Strike Energy $STX.

3 ASX Shares for June 2024 & Watch Your Portfolio Grow

We give you 3 ASX Shares for June 2024 & watch your portfolio grow. #GetRichWithRich

Get Rich with Rich: Hot Stocks and Hydrogen

Hydrogen! Before you invest understand how it's produced and its market! It's tricky! + our Magnificent Seven Income Portfolio!

Building Wealth with High-Yield Stocks

Join Rich, the founder of Under the Radar Report, as he unpacks the current Goldilocks scenario in the financial markets, where share markets soar amidst controlled inflation and steady employment rates.

Get Rich With Rich: in May 2024

ASX Stocks

Seizing Overlooked MedTech Opportunities. 3 Stocks to Buy in May 2024

Roger Montgomery Fund Manager Interview

ASX Stocks

Under the Radar Report was founded on the belief that the knowledge of a community is greater than any one individual. We introduce investors to stocks they might not have heard of. We also shine a light on different investment management styles. We have created a community where our members are on a path, at differing stages, to building wealth.

Navigating the Stock Market’s Record High

The S&P/ASX 200 Index has climbed almost 15% in the past five months. Learn 3 strategies to manage the market high.

Top 3 Small-Cap Stocks to Watch and Invest in for 2024 - Expert Picks

Discover the top 3 small-cap stocks we've handpicked for 2024. Get insights on potential growth opportunities in the stock market.

Buy ASX Shares that you know at the right price

ASX Investors get better value from Quality ASX Blue Chips that are growing than from the 10-year bond rate of 4.1%...

GET RICH WITH RICH: 3 ASX Shares to invest in 2024

3 shares we like to build up your core ASX portfolio in 2024: $CBA, $CSL, $WES.

Get Rich With Rich

I'm following our $500 Investment Strategy from our Building Wealth From Scratch In the Stock Market course.

How to Navigate the ASX: Uncovering Hidden Gems and Building Long-Term Wealth in 2024

This week Rich talks about the big events in January and themes and stocks he’s backing that can make a difference to your portfolio.

Is Uranium a Good Investment in 2024?

After a stellar performance in 2023, our uranium stocks are in our top performers list, we remain bullish. Find out why we continue to like our top uranium stocks.

Top Tips for ASX Share Investors

ASX Stocks

7 Top ASX Fund Managers reveal the best advice for investing. Get the top tips that guides their investment decisions today.

What's the best advice you have ever received on investing?

2024 Vision: ASX Small Caps

7 Top ASX Fund managers give their forecasts and reveal their stock selections for the year ahead. These fund managers all tip that 2024 will translate to buying of select Small Cap stocks. Why? Because that’s where the value is. So get in, because stock is literally limited.

The 3 key factors to make money in 2024

This week is the Christmas special where Rich gives you the 3 key factors you need to know in order to make money in 2024. That’s right. It’s all about the future.

Small Caps On Sale

This week Rich talks about where small caps have been and where they’re going, plus there is the added bonus of tips.

Miners and Banks

This week Rich talks about 3 things: interest rates, resources – specifically lithium and iron ore, and the banks. Buckle up.

Uranium Prices on a Tear

ASX: PDN, ASX: BOE. Uranium prices have climbed 150% in two and a half years, and we cover the stocks to hold onto and buy!

Nuclear Analysis Interview

This week Rich interviews Under the Radar Report’s mining analyst Peter Chilton to talk about the stocks he likes that are exposed to nuclear power. He focuses on the forces driving the uranium price higher, as well as the technicalities involved in nuclear power stations and the countries that are taking the nuclear option.

Understanding Risk

We’re celebrating our 12th anniversary at Under the Radar Report. I talk about company risk and how to use our new Risk Rating system, with the help of examples:

  • Infomedia (IFM.ASX)

  • Pilbara MInerals (PLS.ASX) 

  • Panoramic Resources (PAN.ASX).

Small Caps v Blue Chips

This has been a big week with many ASX stocks in both our Small Cap and Blue Chip reports. It’s important to note that while there are differences, the fundamentals of all companies are just the same. Rich talks about turnarounds, where we’ve made some of our biggest returns.

Stocks, Stocks, and More Stocks

This week Rich talks about Small Cap stocks that can fit into your portfolio (because they’re going up AND they’re good value) as well as about what interest rates mean for the stock market and how small caps are positioned versus their bigger counterparts.

How we pick ASX stocks

Find the real value on the ASX this reporting season with ASX Small Cap stocks like Redbubble (RBL), Allkem (AKE) and Enero (EGG).

ASX Outlook 2023: August Reporting Season

As interest rates rise, so does the importance of stock picking. We've been making money on AGL Energy (AGL), Seven Group (SVW), Boral (BLD).

How to profit from rising interest rates

This week Rich moves between the big picture, big caps, and small caps, illustrating how to take advantage of the US10-year bond yield going through 4.25% putting it at a 16-year high. With reporting season hotting up, he talks stock specifics and how you can manage your portfolio. It’s all there, and more.

Talking Stocks with Kuttabul: 11 stocks you need to hear about, now!

Experience the world of stocks like never before at Talking Stocks! Join us as Richard Hemming engages in a big conversation with ASX Fund Manager Richard Bailey, shedding light on 11 intriguing stocks you simply cannot afford to miss!

ASX Economic Analysis: It's Time to Buy Shares

Equities give investors growth and increasing dividends plus you can get your money out when you need to.

Will the Lithium Price Boom Again?

Price volatility continues but the fundamentals remain strong. The key to successful investing is looking through the short term. This week Peter Chilton does exactly that, focusing on the sector flagbearer, Pilbara Minerals (PLS).

More Takeover Stocks on the ASX

We’re celebrating the funds management owner Pacific Current (ASX:PAC) because it’s in the middle of a takeover battle and has so far risen 54% since our Spec Buy rating only two months ago.

What makes a quality contractor stock on the ASX

We’ve made more than five-fold in the past on fly in fly out operator Alliance Aviation (ASX:AQZ) and on the plant engineer. GR Engineering (ASX:GNG). Find out how these Small Cap contractors like these stack up against a giant in a turnaround phase, Lendlease (ASX:LLC).

Why you need mining stocks in your portfolio

Technology might be one of the key drivers for 21st century, but what drives technology? Innovation, yes, but central to the practical use of technology is the commodities that make it possible. This can only happen via the likes of Rio Tinto (RIO), Fortescue Metals (FMG) and Alumina Limited (AWC), producers of iron ore for steel and alumina for aluminium.

How to decide which ASX Blue Chips to buy

Remember that the cash rate was close to zero only 12 months ago. It must be remembered that the absolute level of interest rates is higher than had been anticipated at any time in the past decade. This will be good for some equities, but not all. If a company’s profitability or growth is still at least three years out, investors are not going to give the stock any credit. Needless to say, stock picking is paramount.

6 Tips to help your Blue Chip portfolio outperform

The Blue Chip Portfolio is designed guide you on building your own portfolio: protecting your wealth and building returns by providing stocks that are growing, but are not expensive. Read more

2022 Small Cap portfolio of Quality Stocks

Our June 2022 portfolio has returned 36% (Issue 503).  It had 8 small cap stocks. As a portfolio they not only all survived, but the majority thrived. The average return is over 36%, 3 times better than the S&P/ASX All Ords of 12%.

Why you should invest in Critical Minerals

Critical minerals, like Lithium, Rare Earths and Nickel and Copper have become buzzwords in markets, with Governments and businesses determined to ensure diverse and protected supply for key resources. We ask Peter Chilton, UTRR Mining Analyst, questions like what Critical Minerals are, and how should they fit into your ASX portfolio.

8 Small Cap Royalty Stocks

Small cap royalty is about picking stocks whose businesses are strong enough to handle any conditions. The big deal is that when we last picked them this time last year (Issue 503), they not only survived, but thrived. Our average return was over 30%, which compares to the S&P/ASX All Ords of 8%.

Blue Chip Portfolio and Economic analysis

Higher interest rates means opportunities to buy quality stocks on the cheap. This is the time to build your portfolio! The new entries are performing well, some like Rio Tinto (RIO) bouncing back after weakness; others, like Qantas Airways (QAN), which are more dependent on consumer spending, weakening after experiencing strength.

Rare Earth ASX Stocks

While this sector is not well understood, as 95% of processing comes out of China, but make no mistake, when it comes to the future, rare earths are key component in providing permanent magnets for electric vehicles and for wind turbines. Successful investing means making sense of complex industries, which is what we do below.

Should you buy Rare Earths: Lynas (ASX: LYC)

Under the Radar Report’s mining expert Peter Chilton drills down on rare earths and how to make money from this growing and complex sector.

3 Ethical Renewable Stocks to Kickstart Your Portfolio

We discuss 16 ethical ASX shares with top portfolio manager Andy Gracey from Australian Ethical. Find out our top 3 to buy.

Investing with Rich: Matthew Kidman, Centennial Asset Management

Matthew Kidman has been running his fund for almost 9 years and has returned almost 16% a year versus the S&P/ASX 200 Index’s 9%. He tells Under the Radar Report about his secret sauce and why now is a good time to invest in small caps.

15 ASX Small Caps to get your returns motoring

This month a small ASX listed software company IntelliHR was taken over at a 300% premium to the initial offer price, possibly an ASX stock market record. In our Small Cap companies report number 550, released this week, our analysts cover ASX small caps that started with a market capitalisation of under $500m. These small cap stocks aren't small now.

ASX Mining Stocks: Why Rio Tinto (ASX RIO)?

Stocks are priced on a combination of sentiment and fundamentals. Buying when sentiment is low means that you benefit when the fundamentals improve.

Lithium Stocks ASX: Market Analysis: Investing with Rich

This week we discuss the fundamentals behind lithium prices and why there has been so much corporate activity in asx lithium stocks. Because of Peter, Under the Radar Report subscribers have benefited from a huge price rise in some key asx lithium stocks that we picked early, including:

Why Uranium ASX stocks are set to profit

ASX Stocks

The uranium price is showing signs of life as the number of nuclear reactors around the world is set to double. Select stocks are gaining momentum quickly.

Talking Funds with Kuttabul Capital Management: Investing with Rich

In this episode of Investing with Rich, I interview Richard Bailey, chief investment officer at Kuttabul Capital Management on what it takes to run a successful Australian hedge fund, and provide helpful tips for investors.

Lithium Stock ALLKEM (AKE) announces merger

We have been long term supporters of Allkem, since it was known as Orocobre prior to its merger. The stock has spiked 16% on news of a merger with a US based firm to create the world’s third largest lithium producer. The stock has returned 116% since we first tipped it and we reckon there’s more to come!

Why you need Telstra ASX:TLS and Rio ASX:RIO in your Portfolio

Times may be difficult, but we explain why stocks like these really do provide ballast for any portfolio. Giving you the chance to take some risks on Small Caps.

4 Quality Stocks: Stocks and Beers with Rich

We've found 4 quality ASX Small Caps stocks in the market for cheap prices. This is the way to make seriously big returns.

What is the best bank share to buy?

We give you the best of the big four banks in Australia to buy with our favourite stock.


The big Australian banks are essentially giant building societies. Most of the assets are home mortgages because that’s where they get the best return on capital, but there are important variations.

ASX Uranium Stocks: Get exposure to the sector

The evidence is that we are at the start of a major building cycle, containing the largest amount of nuclear reactor builds in decades, totalling 57 reactors worldwide. The world is embracing nuclear energy. Read why and which ASX uranium stocks stand to benefit.

The Best Bank: Blue Chip ASX Stocks with Value

Find out which is the best of the big banks to buy now with a 7% dividend yield offering real value.

Betting On Five Blue Chip Turnarounds

ASX Stocks

We have upgraded four stocks last month and in all cases, you’re not relying on the market picking up, you’re basing your investment on the company picking up its game. 

Talking Bonds with Income Asset Management

In this episode of Investing with Rich, I talk all things fixed interest and bonds with the specialists. Jenna Labib is an executive director and Matthew Macreadie, a credit strategist and portfolio manager from the ASX listed group Income Asset Management (ASX:IAM).

Quality ASX Stocks On Sale! March 2023

Welcome back to Stocks and Beers with Rich. This week, the Under the Radar Report team has been running the ruler over lots of companies because in this market, good, profitable stocks are being thrown out indiscriminately.

Profit from shares: Buy Value ASX Lithium Shares

Rich tells you how to profit, drilling down on two Quality Small Caps! One is a lithium producer, the other is one of Australia’s best performing, but not well known manufacturers.

Stocks and Beers with Rich: 4 Quality Small Caps

This week Rich briefly breaks down the ASX’s nervousness and explains why this particular market is great for retail investors in small caps. Then he covers 4 quality small caps and their potential.

Stocks and Beers with Rich: 3 Small Cap Stocks Going Up

This week Rich talks the big picture and why recession talk is overblown, with the publication of Australia’s National Accounts. Then he drills down into 3 Small Cap case studies to give you something to think about over the weekend.

Economic Update: Why Value Will Keep Paying Dividends

This week we learned that Australia’s economic growth has peaked, but is still too strong. This means the inflation genie is still out of the bottle and interest rates will continue to climb. Nothing new on this front, but for investors a measure of perspective is needed, to counter hyperbolic talk of “recession”, which is extremely low risk.

Why Contrarian Investing Works for ASX Investors

This week in the midst of a busy reporting season, Rich covers stocks, stocks and more stocks and how 3 stocks tipped in the past 3 months have delivered an average of 55% return.

Stocks and Beers with Rich: How to protect and grow your precious savings

This week in light of the RBA’s interest rate hikes, Rich breaks down why our portfolios have been successful. He tells you what to do in order to protect and grow your precious savings

Why You Should Invest in Lithium Now

We continue to believe investors should have exposure to lithium producers, with some of our past favourites being Allkem (ASX:AKE) and Pilbara Minerals (ASX:PLS). In this article we breakdown everything you need to know about the current lithium market.

How to Outperform the ASX

Amid the economic uncertainty, our Blue Chip Value Portfolio continues to deliver positive returns. Why? Because that is the way it is designed. While we won’t be the best performer in go-go markets, we will be keeping up with the pack. So when investors put the brakes on and fundamentals like cashflow and the balance sheet become important, the Blue Chip Portfolio’s performance is well ahead of the market.

7 Steps to Building a Successful Dividend Portfolio

We have been publishing dividend portfolios for subscribers based on our best dividend paying ideas since 2016. Here are 7 key takeaways to maximise your success:

What ASX Gold Stocks Should you Invest in?

Our analysts have put their heads together to analyse the drivers of the gold price and how to profit from it. This is, after all, the hedge that has withstood the test of history!

Nuclear Powered Analysis

HE’S BACK! This week Rich kicks off 2023 talking about nuclear stocks and why uranium could be the new lithium. It’s all about clean energy. With advice straight from Peter Chilton, our mining analyst, he covers industry flagbearer Paladin Energy (ASX:PDN).

Portfolio Analysis: What Blue Chips are we picking?

The key reason the Blue Chip Value Portfolio is performing well is that the two big super sectors of resources and banks continue to generate positive returns. The big change was 2022, where stocks based on jam tomorrow were aggressively sold off.

Should You Invest in Uranium in 2023?

We’re at a turning point with nuclear energy gaining momentum and uranium demand rising, while the uranium supply outlook remains highly uncertain. The time is right to consider an exposure to uranium stocks.

Fund Manager's Top 10 Investing Tips for 2023

Ten of Australia's top fund managers share their advice on buying, selling and trading ASX shares in 2023. Covering both emerging and present trends in the 2023 Market.

2023 ASX Sector Analysis

Covering agriculture, mining, technology, finance, energy, industrial and more; Australia's top fund managers share their insight into how the ASX is shaping up in 2023.

Disruptive ASX Stocks to Watch in 2023

We asked Australia's top fund managers what are the disruptive trends or themes that you are investing for in 2023, and what stocks best reflect those trends?

Buying Great Stocks at Low Prices

Our Blue Chip Value Portfolio’s strategy of buying on weakness and holding has been working, with an 10% return on Qantas Airways (QAN) since we tipped it four months ago. Not only that but our big mining and bank stocks are also delivering.

Top Dividend Stocks of 2023

10 Fund Managers tell us what proportion of stocks in their portfolio pay consistent dividends. They also let us in on the smaller stocks they own that are most likely to increase dividends in 2023.

Fund Managers' Best Performing Stocks

Ten of Australia’s top investors deliver their best performing stocks of 2022, as well as the stocks they believe are best positioned for the future.

Hot stocks for your Christmas tree

Merry Christmas and welcome back to Stocks and Beers with Rich! This week for the last Beers the year of 2022, Rich goes hard on the highlights and talks about stocks, stocks and dare we say it, stocks!

Lithium Stocks To Charge Your Portfolio in 2023

Investing in lithium producers should continue to deliver big rewards in 2023 and beyond. 

We have always had strong mining analysis.

Read our special lithium report and find out why Rio Tinto is projecting continuing strong demand growth for lithium and put its considerable weight behind the commodity and what this means for you.

8 Trading Strategies For 2023

We are seeing value in the market. This article is designed to sharpen your knowledge and skill base to take full advantage of these opportunities. While we have increased our buying recently, our own Small Cap Portfolio remains 75% invested. First, it’s important to clear out your portfolio, which is where our Portfolio Manager, The Idle Speculator always starts.

Our 3 ASX Energy Stocks Returning 100%!

Salud! Welcome back to Stocks and Beers with Rich! This week, with electricity in the air from the World Cup, Rich asks what’s going to power it? We toast the great returns that investing in the diverse energy sector has provided us and investors, as Rich delves into the high interest rate environment we’ve been forecasting and which we find ourselves in. ¡Viva Argentina!

How to Energise Your Portfolio in 2023

Electricity requires energy which is facing increasing demand, leveraging certain stocks to explode. We see this in some of our stars of 2022, returning 106% a year for the past three years: Pilbara Minerals (PLS), Karoon Energy (KAR) and Paladin Energy (PDN).

Actions To Position Your Portfolio For 2023 And Beyond

Now that there has been selling in equities, the expected return of those assets has climbed. That’s right, there is now value. It will not be a smooth ride and company specifics will be the key to whether or not a stock finds favour, but the time to start bulking up your portfolio is now.

An Engineering ASX Stock With Hidden Value

This week Rich really breaks down the work that goes into analysing and finding quality niche small caps for subscribers. He uses the example of one that our analysts have come up with and initiated on this week, an engineering services group that pays a 6% dividend yield that is forecast to grow to 7% in 12 months.

Why Commodity Prices Will Be Stronger For Longer

It has never been a better time to check out our Blue Chip Portfolio, rebalanced last month. There are big changes beneath the surface. I’m talking about the big switch from Blue Sky to Blue Chip. Put another way, from loss making tech stocks into dividend payers.

TWO Small Cap stocks up 50% plus this week

Celebrating the recent 50% plus spikes in recent tips on Integrated Research (ASX:IRI) and Gentrack (ASX:GTK), Rich introduces a new Small Cap stock revealed in the latest Small Cap report and digs into the Mining Sector as explored in the latest Blue Chip report.

Three High Energy ASX Tech Stocks!

Running off the highs from Integrated Research (ASX:IRI) returning 75% in the past 15 days, Rich dives into the high octane technology sector to find the diamonds in the rough. Value investing has never been more important.

Stocks and Beers with Rich: Going Nuclear

Start your reactors! This week Rich dives into all things power and energy, covering the resurgent nuclear stocks, as well as battery metals. He shows how energy that powers the world, can power your portfolio.

Banks & Retail: Which stocks should you own?

Today we drill down on how interest rate rises, inflation, property prices and supply chain issues are impacting the banks and the big supermarket retailers. Find out about the BIG ASX stocks, CBA, NAB, WBC, WOL and COL. We show you how to beat the market with our favourite bank and retail stocks.

Uranium: Nuclear Special Investing Report

The small modular reactor is a game changer in this space. We currently have FIVE uranium ASX Small Cap stocks with a Buy/Spec Buy rating set to benefit from this growth sector.

Stocks and Beers with Rich: Quality Small Cap Stocks on Sale

This week Rich gives you a two-pronged method to maximise return and minimise risk. That’s right, he tells you how to beat inflation with Blue Chips and Small Cap stocks on the ASX!

Stocks and Beers with Rich: How to Beat Inflation

This week Rich gives you a two-pronged method to maximise return and minimise risk. That’s right, he tells you how to beat inflation with Blue Chips and Small Cap stocks on the ASX!

How to Beat the Benchmark Twice Over & Rebalance to Fortify your Portfolio

Top ASX Blue Chips for your portfolio. 5 ways to adapt your portfolio to be more defensive and the high returns portfolio that combines the value of Blue Chips with power of small caps

Should ASX Investors Buy Mining Shares?

This week Rich and UTRR mining analyst Peter Chilton are digging deep into the ASX mining sector, which has delivered returns as big as 1500% on Pilbara Minerals (ASX:PLS) and more. Find out which stocks are next!

Gold Analysis

Gold remains the ultimate safe haven. But what you pay for the gold miners is where you make the big returns over time. Who knows what’s around the corner? When the Russian military fired shells at a nuclear plant in South East Ukraine in March, the gold price spiked US$100.

5 ASX Lithium Stocks that are Under the Radar

Lithium briefs by Under the Radar Report’s mining analyst, Peter Chilton and Rich goes through 5 lithium stocks.

How We're Getting 15% A Year on ASX Shares.

Why a value philosophy and stock picking delivers.

Over the past two years our Blue Chip Value Portfolio has returned 14.5% a year, almost double the benchmark S&P/ASX 200 Index’s 8.3%.

Stocks and Beers with Rich: Why Lithium Will Stay Fully Charged

Rich breaks down key ASX lithium producers and the market conditions that make them durable investments.

Lithium Market Size, Industry outlook and growth

Find out how rising demand for EVs and a lack of supply underpins quality lithium stocks.

How Dividends Can Protect You

The market might be up and down, but dividends can be consistent. It's the key to owning a diversified portfolio where you can sleep at night, knowing that dividends are more than likely to be paying you back, reducing your risk.

Market Insight: Three Niche Gas Stocks

The international market for gas has been upended this year with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Below we list THREE Small Cap stocks that have strong niches from which to exploit the rising gas prices.