Large Caps

Navigating the Stock Market’s Record High

The S&P/ASX 200 Index has climbed almost 15% in the past five months. Learn 3 strategies to manage the market high.

Buy ASX Shares that you know at the right price

ASX Investors get better value from Quality ASX Blue Chips that are growing than from the 10-year bond rate of 4.1%...

Small Caps v Blue Chips

This has been a big week with many ASX stocks in both our Small Cap and Blue Chip reports. It’s important to note that while there are differences, the fundamentals of all companies are just the same. Rich talks about turnarounds, where we’ve made some of our biggest returns.

ASX Economic Analysis: It's Time to Buy Shares

Equities give investors growth and increasing dividends plus you can get your money out when you need to.

How to decide which ASX Blue Chips to buy

Remember that the cash rate was close to zero only 12 months ago. It must be remembered that the absolute level of interest rates is higher than had been anticipated at any time in the past decade. This will be good for some equities, but not all. If a company’s profitability or growth is still at least three years out, investors are not going to give the stock any credit. Needless to say, stock picking is paramount.

Blue Chip Portfolio and Economic analysis

Higher interest rates means opportunities to buy quality stocks on the cheap. This is the time to build your portfolio! The new entries are performing well, some like Rio Tinto (RIO) bouncing back after weakness; others, like Qantas Airways (QAN), which are more dependent on consumer spending, weakening after experiencing strength.

ASX Mining Stocks: Why Rio Tinto (ASX RIO)?

Stocks are priced on a combination of sentiment and fundamentals. Buying when sentiment is low means that you benefit when the fundamentals improve.

Why you need Telstra ASX:TLS and Rio ASX:RIO in your Portfolio

Times may be difficult, but we explain why stocks like these really do provide ballast for any portfolio. Giving you the chance to take some risks on Small Caps.

Portfolio Analysis: What Blue Chips are we picking?

The key reason the Blue Chip Value Portfolio is performing well is that the two big super sectors of resources and banks continue to generate positive returns. The big change was 2022, where stocks based on jam tomorrow were aggressively sold off.

Hot stocks for your Christmas tree

Merry Christmas and welcome back to Stocks and Beers with Rich! This week for the last Beers the year of 2022, Rich goes hard on the highlights and talks about stocks, stocks and dare we say it, stocks!

Why Commodity Prices Will Be Stronger For Longer

It has never been a better time to check out our Blue Chip Portfolio, rebalanced last month. There are big changes beneath the surface. I’m talking about the big switch from Blue Sky to Blue Chip. Put another way, from loss making tech stocks into dividend payers.

How We're Getting 15% A Year on ASX Shares.

Why a value philosophy and stock picking delivers.

Over the past two years our Blue Chip Value Portfolio has returned 14.5% a year, almost double the benchmark S&P/ASX 200 Index’s 8.3%.

Stocks and Beers with Rich: Protect with Blue Chips, Grow with Small Caps.

We’re reporting live in the middle of reporting season, so this week we’re keeping it short and sweet, telling you how to PROTECT with Blue Chips and Grow with Small Caps.

Sector Review: Quality Blue Chips

Recent news out of the US indicated that inflation may have peaked, with consumer prices in the US rising less than expectations. This highlights that although growth may be subdued for a time, it is by no means falling off a cliff.

Stocks and Beers with Rich: Why Global Companies are at Local Prices

Welcome to Stocks and Beers with Rich! This week Rich breaks down the market correction, discussing the inflation bogey man, higher interest rates, crypto exposure, the tech wreck and our own Portfolio Manager’s buying spree.

Market Insight: Buy Big Resources, Buy Big Banks

Stocks priced for blue sky growth prospects are vulnerable. Look at the tech sell off and …retail. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. In the past few weeks the biggest names in American retail, Walmart, Target and Amazon have all dropped 25% in short order on first quarter results. In the same breath, investors are hoovering up stocks where they see value, such as Westpac Bank (WBC), which has climbed 7% since we tipped it as a Buy in February (11 Feb 2022, Issue 97).


I’ll give you one reason to hunt for value: Sleep, or for those insomniacs, Contentment. That’s what Blue Chip Value provides for subscribers. It’s no accident the Blue Chip Value Portfolio’s recent outperformance of the benchmark S&P/ ASX 200 Index is accelerating. In the past two years, Blue Chip has returned 34.9% versus the Index’s 31.4%.

Blue Chip Value Portfolio on a Tear

The outperformance of the Blue Chip Value Portfolio is accelerating as investors hunt for value as uncertainty grips global financial markets. Subsequent to the selloff in mid-December the BCV Portfolio has outperformed just over 10% or 1,000 basis points against the benchmark S&P/ASX 200 Index! The BCV Portfolio is now easily outperforming over all periods, in the past two years generating a return of almost 28% a year. Let’s unpack this.

Buying my First ASX Blue Chip Bank Share

I'm buying an ASX bank share. I want to diversify my portfolio and provide some long-term stability. Plus I want a dividend.

2020: What a year for individuals and investors

2020 has been a weird year for everyone. But what about for ASX share investors? What about for beginners like me? I've bought ASX shares while the market was in free fall. But what do I do now? Do I keep my capital locked away in the big banks or do I want to sell for a 10% profit, plus the dividend I've received, and move on?

Which Blue Chip Stocks are Performing this Reporting Season?

So far so good for our Blue Chip stocks. Our Blue Chip outperformers are beating the underperformers in this reporting season for the six months to 31 December 2020. There have been a couple of hiccups, but the twin pillars of the Blue Chip Value Portfolio of resources and banks are proving their worth with solid results and optimistic outlooks.

Balance Sheet Strength is Key

A recurring theme for the Blue Chip Value Portfolio is balance sheet strength, which we think will be a highlight for the upcoming reporting season this month.

Which Bank To Buy?

The share prices of the banks are now pretty much at the level they were at prior to the onset of the Covid pandemic in late February 2020 (CBA’s are in fact about 5% higher), having returned an average of 55% in the past 12 months. While their earnings are within the ballpark of pre-pandemic levels, those all important dividends remain substantially below. What’s going on? In one word: value is back.

Delta Resistant ASX Blue Chips

Find out what the Delta Variant has Changed in the Blue Chip stock market, and what this means for ASX Investors.