ASX Outlook 2023: August Reporting Season

As interest rates rise, so does the importance of stock picking. We've been making money on AGL Energy (AGL), Seven Group (SVW), Boral (BLD).

Stocks and Beers with Rich: How to Beat Inflation

This week Rich gives you a two-pronged method to maximise return and minimise risk. That’s right, he tells you how to beat inflation with Blue Chips and Small Cap stocks on the ASX!

Hard assets are going like hot cakes

Inflation fears might be coming off but what we’re seeing is investors hunting for hard assets, so get ready to find out how you can profit. Hard!

Market Update: Buying Big Assets

Increasing costs will continue to be the focus in coming weeks when companies report their profits for the 12 months to 30 June. This week the Federal Reserve lifted its overnight rate by 0.75 percentage points, a rise for the second month in a row! This mirrors the RBA, which this month raised rates another 0.5 percentage points. What is missing is analysis of the fallout from this aggressive policy of monetary tightening.

Share price growth and getting a share dividend

The share price of a lot of ASX stocks are lower than six months ago. A current company's share price however does not indicate future performance, earnings or dividend payments.

Inflation Busting ASX Stocks

Today we celebrate our 100th issue of our Blue Chip Value Report and Rich covers off on what you need to do to protect your portfolio from rising inflation. He showcases this week’s Blue Chip Value Portfolio and our 110 stock research rundown of Small Caps.


I’ll give you one reason to hunt for value: Sleep, or for those insomniacs, Contentment. That’s what Blue Chip Value provides for subscribers. It’s no accident the Blue Chip Value Portfolio’s recent outperformance of the benchmark S&P/ ASX 200 Index is accelerating. In the past two years, Blue Chip has returned 34.9% versus the Index’s 31.4%.

Stocks and Beers with Rich: Three Small Cap WA Gas Stocks

Welcome back to Stocks and Beers with Rich. This week Rich comes back down from space to talk about two things going skyward in the market: Interest rates and the price of gas in the West.

Economic Update: Tackle the Cost of Living by Making Money

Forget about rising mortgage rates and petrol prices for a minute. The best way to tackle the cost of living is to make money.

Market Insight: How to Profit from Inflation with Small Caps and Blue Chips

Inflation is now at problematic levels, 8% in the US, 3.5% here and the thing is, it didn’t have to be like this. This week’s budget $8.5bn cash splash from our own Federal Government and the massive multi-trillion dollar fiscal stimulus packages highlight that this is not going to go away.

How To Recession Proof Your Investments

Under the Radar Report is dedicated to providing ASX investors with Small Cap research so that ASX investors can build long-term wealth over all periods in the economic cycle. Do you want to learn about diversification, how many stocks to own, when to take profits and when to hold (and when to run)? Keep reading to find out. This is essential information for any ASX investor looking to build long-term wealth in the current volatile market.

Which stocks will benefit from growing inflation?

Following a flurry of selling earlier this month, normal service has been resumed and global equities are heading northward. What happened? The US inflation measure is the rate of change in the consumer price index (CPI), which this month came in much higher than expected, increasing 4.2% over 12 months to 31 April, the largest increase since September 2008, when it rose 4.9%. You would have to go back to the 1990s to see a rise above 5%.

What Quantitative Easing means for Investors

Is the great bogey man of history, inflation, rearing its head? Should investors be worried? That’s what we’re here to discuss.

Quantitative easing is complex. What is its impact on ASX investors?

How to Protect Against Inflation

In the past few weeks we have seen more and more companies being negatively affected by cost inflation pressures. See how you can protect your investments from inflation here.

Beating Inflation with Contractors

If I mentioned a stock that leveraged off nuclear, renewables, batteries and other emerging technologies, the excitement might dissipate quickly when, in the next breath, I mention the word contractor