Miners and Banks

This week Rich talks about 3 things: interest rates, resources – specifically lithium and iron ore, and the banks. Buckle up.

Uranium Prices on a Tear

ASX: PDN, ASX: BOE. Uranium prices have climbed 150% in two and a half years, and we cover the stocks to hold onto and buy!

Nuclear Analysis Interview

This week Rich interviews Under the Radar Report’s mining analyst Peter Chilton to talk about the stocks he likes that are exposed to nuclear power. He focuses on the forces driving the uranium price higher, as well as the technicalities involved in nuclear power stations and the countries that are taking the nuclear option.

Will the Lithium Price Boom Again?

Price volatility continues but the fundamentals remain strong. The key to successful investing is looking through the short term. This week Peter Chilton does exactly that, focusing on the sector flagbearer, Pilbara Minerals (PLS).

Why you need mining stocks in your portfolio

Technology might be one of the key drivers for 21st century, but what drives technology? Innovation, yes, but central to the practical use of technology is the commodities that make it possible. This can only happen via the likes of Rio Tinto (RIO), Fortescue Metals (FMG) and Alumina Limited (AWC), producers of iron ore for steel and alumina for aluminium.

Rare Earth ASX Stocks

While this sector is not well understood, as 95% of processing comes out of China, but make no mistake, when it comes to the future, rare earths are key component in providing permanent magnets for electric vehicles and for wind turbines. Successful investing means making sense of complex industries, which is what we do below.

Should you buy Rare Earths: Lynas (ASX: LYC)

Under the Radar Report’s mining expert Peter Chilton drills down on rare earths and how to make money from this growing and complex sector.

Lithium Stocks ASX: Market Analysis: Investing with Rich

This week we discuss the fundamentals behind lithium prices and why there has been so much corporate activity in asx lithium stocks. Because of Peter, Under the Radar Report subscribers have benefited from a huge price rise in some key asx lithium stocks that we picked early, including:

Why Uranium ASX stocks are set to profit

ASX Stocks

The uranium price is showing signs of life as the number of nuclear reactors around the world is set to double. Select stocks are gaining momentum quickly.

Lithium Stock ALLKEM (AKE) announces merger

We have been long term supporters of Allkem, since it was known as Orocobre prior to its merger. The stock has spiked 16% on news of a merger with a US based firm to create the world’s third largest lithium producer. The stock has returned 116% since we first tipped it and we reckon there’s more to come!

Lithium Stocks To Charge Your Portfolio in 2023

Investing in lithium producers should continue to deliver big rewards in 2023 and beyond. 

We have always had strong mining analysis.

Read our special lithium report and find out why Rio Tinto is projecting continuing strong demand growth for lithium and put its considerable weight behind the commodity and what this means for you.

Should ASX Investors Buy Mining Shares?

This week Rich and UTRR mining analyst Peter Chilton are digging deep into the ASX mining sector, which has delivered returns as big as 1500% on Pilbara Minerals (ASX:PLS) and more. Find out which stocks are next!

5 ASX Lithium Stocks that are Under the Radar

Lithium briefs by Under the Radar Report’s mining analyst, Peter Chilton and Rich goes through 5 lithium stocks.

How We're Getting 15% A Year on ASX Shares.

Why a value philosophy and stock picking delivers.

Over the past two years our Blue Chip Value Portfolio has returned 14.5% a year, almost double the benchmark S&P/ASX 200 Index’s 8.3%.

Stocks and Beers with Rich: Why Lithium Will Stay Fully Charged

Rich breaks down key ASX lithium producers and the market conditions that make them durable investments.

Lithium Market Size, Industry outlook and growth

Find out how rising demand for EVs and a lack of supply underpins quality lithium stocks.

Agriculture Insight: Fertiliser Stocks to Watch

Supply disruption emanating out of the Ukraine provided the catalyst for a big spike in fertiliser prices. The first Australian potash producer Kalium Lakes (KLL) has debuted into a strong market. We look at the sector prospects and other ASX listed potash stocks.

Holding on for Commodity Price Rises

This week’s focus is on resources, and we cover the big themes affecting the iron ore price, as well as the base metals commodities.

Buying Gold: Two Small Cap Gold Producers to Buy

Inflation is climbing and geopolitical tensions are high. The consistent hedge against crises over the millennia has been gold. This is complicated, however, by rising interest rates, which increases the cost of opportunity for holding a substance that is largely unproductive. We can see this tension in the big spike to well over US$2,000 an ounce earlier this year, caused by the commencement of the invasion of Ukraine.

Lithium Market Update

Lithium stocks took a tumble last week following lithium research and news items which have unnerved some participants in the market. Today highlights that markets can over-react. Peter Chilton looks at the fundamentals of supply and demand and comes to the conclusion that the market for lithium will be buoyant for some time to come!

3 ASX GOLD Producing stocks to buy

Nas Zdraví! This week Rich dives into a Czech beer and then into gold, and why it’s the safe haven that protects your portfolio. He comes up with Peter Chilton’s THREE picks for the best diversified gold producers money can buy. We're going for gold!

3 Gold Stocks to Buy

When the Russian military fired shells at a nuclear plant in South-East Ukraine earlier this month, the gold price spiked US$100. Gold is the ultimate safe haven because it is the only asset that acts as a hedge against inflation and conflict, and it isn’t somebody else’s liability. Under the Radar believes the best way to get access to gold is to buy quality gold producers.

5 Stock tips to buy Small Cap stocks in mining services

The ASX Stock market is on a tear and value is becoming harder to find. One of the places where that elusive value is appearing is in ASX listed Small Cap stocks in mining services, and it would be understandable that investors are wary. But when you get it right, you can really profit. Under the Radar Report has more than trebled our subscribers’ moneys on the Small Cap FIFO operator Alliance Aviation (AQZ) and more than doubled their money on the likes of Southern Cross Electrical (SXE), MACA (MLD) and GR Engineering (GNG). Timing is everything. Find out Under the Radar’s secrets.

Battery Special Report: Lithium Power

In this special report, we show you how much raw material of lithium is required to satisfy the proposed capacity of the battery gigafactories over the next decade. Batteries produced at scale are required for the ongoing rollout of electric vehicles, before we even consider their requirement for energy storage for wind and solar power.

Mining Stocks ASX

This week is Part 1 of our 2-Part Mining Report. We look in depth at six new and highly varied mining stocks, that every investor should look closely at. In a previous issue we covered Piedmont Lithium (PLL) and the miner has recently taken an interest in Sayona Mining (SYA) which we cover in this report.

Why Invest In Gold Stocks ASX

In the past six months Bitcoin and the equity markets have been climbing, while gold has been falling. We look at what the driving factors are and why we think select gold stocks are looking good at current levels.

ASX Small Cap Gold Stock: Pantoro

Under the Radar Report has a strong track record of picking ASX Small Cap Gold stocks. Right now we think select gold stocks look like great value at current levels. Today we give you Pantor a small cap gold producer.

Investing in Copper Stocks

The copper price has run hard and could pull back, but that doesn’t mean that copper stocks aren’t worth buying. Our resources analyst Peter Chilton looks at the fundamentals, having spoken to a number of miners. As he says, “the copper outlook presents a great potential for explorers, producers and investors.”

Four best lithium stocks to invest in right now

We’re bullish on the periodic table’s lightest metal because of increasing demand and supply constraints, which include the lengthy commissioning for new projects and the high quality required for battery manufacture.

3 ASX Nuclear Stocks Set To Explode in the Right Ways

We love finding new and interesting stocks in growth industries. In this video, Richard and our analysts tell you four nuclear stocks to invest in right now.

Stocks and Beers: Ep 3

Watch Episode 3 of Stocks & Beers with Rich now! Stocks of the Week include, European Metals Holding (EMH), Vulcan Energy (VUL), Orocobre (ORE) and more.

Lithium Update: Is The Market Ahead Of Itself?

No stocks are simply set and forget, let alone those exposed to the huge structural shift occurring in the automotive industry. The Electric Vehicle industry literally came from nowhere and demand for lithium is delivering a supply response, with production expansion and many projects in the pipeline.

Uranium and Nickel ASX Investing Explained

Looking into the future is part of what investing all about. we analyse in depth two commodites, Uranium and Nickel, which we believe are set up for powering our future in a sustainable world.

Stocks and Beers: Ep 19

Watch Episode 19 of Stocks & Beers with Rich now! Stocks of the Week include, Bannerman Energy (ASX:BMN), Commonwealth Bank (ASX:CBA), Evolution Mining (ASX:EVN), Money3 (ASX:MNY), Pantoro (ASX:PNR).

ASX Nuclear Stocks for Growth

This week Rich discusses growth in both stocks and commodities, demonstrating how to ride the wave and when to get off. There’s market analysis as well as discussion about uranium and energy stocks.