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Top 3 Small-Cap Stocks to Watch and Invest in for 2024 - Expert Picks

Discover the top 3 small-cap stocks we've handpicked for 2024. Get insights on potential growth opportunities in the stock market.

Buy ASX Shares that you know at the right price

ASX Investors get better value from Quality ASX Blue Chips that are growing than from the 10-year bond rate of 4.1%...

GET RICH WITH RICH: 3 ASX Shares to invest in 2024

3 shares we like to build up your core ASX portfolio in 2024: $CBA, $CSL, $WES.

Get Rich With Rich

I'm following our $500 Investment Strategy from our Building Wealth From Scratch In the Stock Market course.

How to Navigate the ASX: Uncovering Hidden Gems and Building Long-Term Wealth in 2024

This week Rich talks about the big events in January and themes and stocks he’s backing that can make a difference to your portfolio.

Is Uranium a Good Investment in 2024?

After a stellar performance in 2023, our uranium stocks are in our top performers list, we remain bullish. Find out why we continue to like our top uranium stocks.

Top Tips for ASX Share Investors

ASX Stocks

7 Top ASX Fund Managers reveal the best advice for investing. Get the top tips that guides their investment decisions today.

What's the best advice you have ever received on investing?

2024 Vision: ASX Small Caps

7 Top ASX Fund managers give their forecasts and reveal their stock selections for the year ahead. These fund managers all tip that 2024 will translate to buying of select Small Cap stocks. Why? Because that’s where the value is. So get in, because stock is literally limited.

The 3 key factors to make money in 2024

This week is the Christmas special where Rich gives you the 3 key factors you need to know in order to make money in 2024. That’s right. It’s all about the future.

Small Caps On Sale

This week Rich talks about where small caps have been and where they’re going, plus there is the added bonus of tips.

Uranium Prices on a Tear

ASX: PDN, ASX: BOE. Uranium prices have climbed 150% in two and a half years, and we cover the stocks to hold onto and buy!

Nuclear Analysis Interview

This week Rich interviews Under the Radar Report’s mining analyst Peter Chilton to talk about the stocks he likes that are exposed to nuclear power. He focuses on the forces driving the uranium price higher, as well as the technicalities involved in nuclear power stations and the countries that are taking the nuclear option.

Understanding Risk

We’re celebrating our 12th anniversary at Under the Radar Report. I talk about company risk and how to use our new Risk Rating system, with the help of examples:

  • Infomedia (IFM.ASX)

  • Pilbara MInerals (PLS.ASX) 

  • Panoramic Resources (PAN.ASX).

Small Caps v Blue Chips

This has been a big week with many ASX stocks in both our Small Cap and Blue Chip reports. It’s important to note that while there are differences, the fundamentals of all companies are just the same. Rich talks about turnarounds, where we’ve made some of our biggest returns.

Stocks, Stocks, and More Stocks

This week Rich talks about Small Cap stocks that can fit into your portfolio (because they’re going up AND they’re good value) as well as about what interest rates mean for the stock market and how small caps are positioned versus their bigger counterparts.

How we pick ASX stocks

Find the real value on the ASX this reporting season with ASX Small Cap stocks like Redbubble (RBL), Allkem (AKE) and Enero (EGG).

How to profit from rising interest rates

This week Rich moves between the big picture, big caps, and small caps, illustrating how to take advantage of the US10-year bond yield going through 4.25% putting it at a 16-year high. With reporting season hotting up, he talks stock specifics and how you can manage your portfolio. It’s all there, and more.

Talking Stocks with Kuttabul: 11 stocks you need to hear about, now!

Experience the world of stocks like never before at Talking Stocks! Join us as Richard Hemming engages in a big conversation with ASX Fund Manager Richard Bailey, shedding light on 11 intriguing stocks you simply cannot afford to miss!

8 Small Cap Royalty Stocks

Small cap royalty is about picking stocks whose businesses are strong enough to handle any conditions. The big deal is that when we last picked them this time last year (Issue 503), they not only survived, but thrived. Our average return was over 30%, which compares to the S&P/ASX All Ords of 8%.

15 ASX Small Caps to get your returns motoring

This month a small ASX listed software company IntelliHR was taken over at a 300% premium to the initial offer price, possibly an ASX stock market record. In our Small Cap companies report number 550, released this week, our analysts cover ASX small caps that started with a market capitalisation of under $500m. These small cap stocks aren't small now.

Disruptive ASX Stocks to Watch in 2023

We asked Australia's top fund managers what are the disruptive trends or themes that you are investing for in 2023, and what stocks best reflect those trends?

Hot stocks for your Christmas tree

Merry Christmas and welcome back to Stocks and Beers with Rich! This week for the last Beers the year of 2022, Rich goes hard on the highlights and talks about stocks, stocks and dare we say it, stocks!

TWO Small Cap stocks up 50% plus this week

Celebrating the recent 50% plus spikes in recent tips on Integrated Research (ASX:IRI) and Gentrack (ASX:GTK), Rich introduces a new Small Cap stock revealed in the latest Small Cap report and digs into the Mining Sector as explored in the latest Blue Chip report.

Stocks and Beers with Rich: Quality Small Cap Stocks on Sale

This week Rich gives you a two-pronged method to maximise return and minimise risk. That’s right, he tells you how to beat inflation with Blue Chips and Small Cap stocks on the ASX!

Stocks and Beers with Rich: Small Cap Royal Returns

Rich names and acclaims 6 quality small caps which have delivered an average return of over 30%. He also talks about the 21 strong Small Cap Royalty stocks we named in this week’s report.

Quality Small Caps to Buy in 2022

You’ve got to be in it to win it. These stocks give you a great opportunity to buy quality at small cap prices.

Star Stock Study: Data#3

Our analyst team first recommended Data#3 (ASX: DTL) at $0.99 giving subscribers more than a 500% increase in value. Find out more...

Stocks and Beers with Rich: 3 Great Small Caps

This week, Rich breaks down 3 of our favourite small caps from our selection, and why in this stock picking market, these stocks have outperformed.

ASX Takeover Targets for 2022: Small Cap Stocks

In the past few months EIGHT stocks we’ve recommended are in the process of, or have been taken over. Over one in five of the stocks we’ve tipped have been acquired in the past decade, which has resulted in big capital gains for subscribers. The trend has been accelerating. More to the point, any of the 15 stocks we cover in depth this week could be a takeover candidate.

Takeover Stocks and Dividend Portfolio Report

Welcome to Stocks and Beers with Rich! This week Rich dives into the recent takeover bonanza, and our dividend portfolio report, highlighting the key criteria for our 32% average return over 5.5 years.

Time to Buy Quality Small Cap Stocks

When you talk to Will Lopes, Catapult’s US based CEO, as I did the other day, and I couldn’t help but think that the combination of his bullish tone and his company’s wearable and video technology could help propel the NSW Blues to victory in the next State of Origin. The thing is, will it help Catapult’s share price, which has fallen almost two-thirds in the past 12 months from $2.20 to just over 80 cents?

Stocks and Beers with Rich: 3 Small Cap Tech Stocks set to Take Off!

Welcome to Stocks and Beers with Rich. This week we hit the ground running, diving into the recent volatility and what Under the Radar has been doing to find successful Small Caps and Blue Chips in the ASX. Here are the toasts:

26 Small Caps for this reporting season

What the recent market sell off means for Small Caps

We view the recent market sell off as a positive for subscribers. Moreover, we don't think that this will be the last one.

Takeovers: Small Caps in the Firing Line

As we move into the rump of the profit reporting season, it won’t just be minority investors like us that monitor the results of small listed companies, or “Small Caps” closely. It’ll also be some of the big (or at least bigger) corporates.

20 New BUY Stocks a year: 41% average return

This financial year we’ve covered 20 new Small Cap stocks, which have produced an average annualised return of 41%. Our average return on all 140 Small Cap stocks we have covered since we started seven years ago is 35%.

3 Dividend Paying Small Caps To Protect Your Portfolio From Volatility

Dividends really do reduce a portfolio’s volatility. Day-to-day gyrations don’t matter if you are receiving a halfway decent interim and full-year dividend. Watch the company, don’t watch the market.

5 Stock tips to buy Small Cap stocks in mining services

The ASX Stock market is on a tear and value is becoming harder to find. One of the places where that elusive value is appearing is in ASX listed Small Cap stocks in mining services, and it would be understandable that investors are wary. But when you get it right, you can really profit. Under the Radar Report has more than trebled our subscribers’ moneys on the Small Cap FIFO operator Alliance Aviation (AQZ) and more than doubled their money on the likes of Southern Cross Electrical (SXE), MACA (MLD) and GR Engineering (GNG). Timing is everything. Find out Under the Radar’s secrets.

Buying my First Small Cap shares: Choosing which shares to buy

I'm feeling elated - I've bought two small caps, I've started my small cap portfolio and I'm on my way ;As you know, I'm starting to buy one stock a month so I can start building up a portfolio. Better late than never!! I'm using the money I've saved in that month. I'm not using a saved fortune just what I'm saving every month.

Five ASX small caps benefiting from the currency moves

Which ASX small caps are winning from a tumbling Australian Dollar, and why is it falling?

Why ASX Small Caps are less risky than the Big ASX Shares

Are small caps really more risky than the big ASX shares? But Small Caps can be a cheap way to get true diversification in your ASX Share portfolio. Plus small caps offer share price growth and some pay dividends too. Richard Hemming explains the strategy and gives you small caps to invest in.

5 ASX Growth Stock Tips

Every Australian Share Investor is looking for Growth ASX Shares. Share Price Growth is Share Price growth, but what do you pay for your ASX shares? High priced growth ASX stocks are all vulnerable to changing sentiment, but if you can ride even one winner, you should end up way ahead. How do you reduce your share risk?

Find Quality ASX Small Caps for your Portfolio

I spend much of my time looking for quality ASX shares for Australian investors. Here are my ten quality criteria, which includes special mention from some of my favourite ASX small caps. These are the sort of shares that can remain in a share portfolio for a long-time. You know what I’m talking about. If ASX share BHP halved in price tomorrow, you would want to buy more. This is a share that is going to be around forever. What I’m talking about are the BHPs of the small cap world. The types of shares that if they fall, you would want to buy more.

A Small Cap is the Star performer

I can confidently say my portfolio is diversified across different industries: Banking, A massive miner, Telecommunications, a tiny speculative miner, Food and Health.

3 Small Caps to Buy to reduce your Risk

It is really important to reduce your ASX share portfolio’s risk and Small Caps play an important part in your ASX Share portfolio and can help you reduce that risk.

10 Bargain Small Caps ASX to Buy

ASX Stocks

We all know the stockmarket has dropped and there are share buying opportunities coming out. Some ASX shares are looking very cheap. But which shares do you buy?

3 Best ASX Undervalued Stocks To Buy Now

These are three undervalued stocks ASX that investors should know about including Austal (ASB), Ingenia Communities (INA) and Tassal (TGR).

Watch this ASX Small Cap

When Warren Buffett announced in early May that he had got it wrong on airlines during the coronavirus pandemic and had sold Berkshire Hathaway’s entire stakes in four US carriers, he probably hadn’t heard of ASX Small Cap Alliance Aviation (AQZ).

Afterpay (APT): How to grow your share portfolio in 2020

To celebrate Under the Radar Report's ninth birthday we are releasing case studies on nine stocks to showcase how important Small Caps are for growing your ASX share portfolio.

22 Subscriber Stock Picks

This week's Small Cap Report is jam packed with Small Cap buying opportunities for investors. We give investors 22 stocks picked by our subscribers, a lithium special report and 9 best stocks to buy.

2020: What a year for individuals and investors

2020 has been a weird year for everyone. But what about for ASX share investors? What about for beginners like me? I've bought ASX shares while the market was in free fall. But what do I do now? Do I keep my capital locked away in the big banks or do I want to sell for a 10% profit, plus the dividend I've received, and move on?

Tips for your ASX Small Cap Portfolio

Radar's ASX Small Cap Portfolio performance 

Radar's ASX Small Cap Portfolio has continued to outperform major stock market indices and has recovered more than 90% of the value lost in the immediate aftermath of the initial panic in March. Boy does that seem a long time ago!

Three Disruptive ASX Small Caps

Just over 12-months ago our analyst team came up with disruptors, which have so far almost doubled the money of those brave enough to wade in and invest. Let’s see if we can do it again

7 Steps to Picking Small Cap Stocks

Making money over the long term is being able to take advantage of short-term share price gyrations. The most important component of your future returns is the price you pay for any investment. Recently we have seen many buying opportunities. These are buying opportunities you can't afford to miss because everything moves quickly in the world of ASX Small Caps.

Five stocks to cash in

Making money is not just about picking winners. It’s about taking profits to generate big gains. You need to recognise value because the market is a pendulum and you need to benefit from excess optimism as well as pessimism.

Small Cap Portfolio Update

Our Small Cap Portfolio Manager shows ASX investors how a consistent value orientated approach can generate growth and reduced your risk. In this update he highlights the increasing risk in chasing stocks whose value is based on blue sky as interest rates climb.

ASX Small Cap Gold Stock: Pantoro

Under the Radar Report has a strong track record of picking ASX Small Cap Gold stocks. Right now we think select gold stocks look like great value at current levels. Today we give you Pantor a small cap gold producer.

ASX Small Cap Share Portfolio Review

Our ASX Small Cap share portfolio is up 38% and beating the S&P Small Ords Index. Our Portfolio Managers goes into detail about our latest Small Cap transactions and investment advice.

Three ASX Small Caps to Watch Now

Here are three ASX stocks to watch now including Dubber (ASX: DUB), Vintage (ASX: VEN) and Vital Metals (ASX: VML). Our analyst team run the run our investment ruler these stocks to watch and give you our Radar Diagnosis.

12 ASX Small Caps

The good news is that because of our investing bias towards long-term, with a horizon of over 3 years, we remain very positive on most of these stocks. There remains significant money to be made from these Small Caps.

Which 3 ASX Small Caps will be the next Afterpay?

In this article we give you our three outperforming ASX small cap stocks including Pilbara Minerals (PLS), AVA Risk (AVA) and LaserBond (LBL).

VIDEO: Introducing Stocks & Beers with Rich

Introducing Stocks & Beers with Rich where our editor Richard Hemming sits down and talks to ASX investors about this week's stock news. Click to watch the video now.

Three ASX Small Cap Investment Ideas

Three ASX Small Cap investment ideas, including Pilbara Minerals (PLS); AVA Risk (AVA); and Laserbond (LSB).

Stocks And Beers: Ep 2

Watch Episode 2 of Stocks & Beers with Rich now! Stocks of the Week include Macquarie Telecom (MAQ), Praemium (PPS), Evolution Mining (EVN).

Stocks and Beers: Ep 3

Watch Episode 3 of Stocks & Beers with Rich now! Stocks of the Week include, European Metals Holding (EMH), Vulcan Energy (VUL), Orocobre (ORE) and more.

Kogan VS The Reject Shop: Small Cap Retail Rallies

Richard Hemming, Editor, investigates two small cap retailers, who both announced their results to the ASX this week. Kogan, whose share price dropped 15%, despite it being a genuine growth story. Whilst the discount retailer, The Reject Shop (ASX:TRS), has spiked 20%, but for how long?

Stocks and Beers: Ep 7

Watch Episode 7 of Stocks & Beers with Rich now! Stocks of the Week include, WiseTech (ASX:WTC), Nanosonic (ASX:NAN), Nearmap (ASX:NEA), Kogan (ASX:KGN), ​MNF Group (ASX:MNF), and The Reject Shop (ASX:TRS).

Flight Centre v's Helloworld? Which ASX Stock will Take off after Covid lifts?

We compare two similar travel booking companies Flight Centre (ASX:FLT) and Helloworld Travel (HLO). We tell you why ASX investors which to buy and which to sell.

10 Years: Our top 10 Stocks by Performance

We love finding powerful Small Caps for you to invest in. Our 10 best stock performer were little once. They aren't little any more. Find out which are the top 10 and what we learned.

Stocks and Beers: Ep 10

Watch Episode 10 of Stocks & Beers with Rich now! Stocks of the Week include, Alumina (ASX:AWC), Hansen Technology (ASX:HSN), Infomedia (ASX:IFM) and more...

Stocks and Beers: Ep 11

Watch Episode 11 Now! This week’s Stocks and Beers with Rich Video is a celebration of 10 years of Small Cap research and analysis and how you can get ahead with the power of Small Caps.

4 Future Facing Stocks

Pockets of value are turning up all over the place in ASX small caps as giants like Facebook hit turbulence. Speaking of which, we covered Helloworld Travel (HLO) less than a month ago and its stock has spiked over 40% since then.

Stocks and Beers: Ep 15

Watch Episode 15 of Stocks & Beers with Rich now! Stocks of the Week include, Pacific Current (ASX:PAC), Superloop (ASX:SLC), Senex Energy (ASX:SNX).

Take Advantage with Small Oil and Gas Producers and Big Contractors

A great deal of attention is on gas at the moment, but big opportunities are in oil as its price moves well beyond pre-pandemic levels. We look at why existing producers and smaller oil producers, in particular, are in the box seat.

Three Small Caps where Patience is Paying Off

The key to investing for smaller investors is to be diverse, invest in Small Caps and be patient. While some achieve success relatively quickly, the best returns come over time. Consistent rewards and safety in investing comes from the small investor’s ability to hold on.

Stocks and Beers: Ep 17

Watch Episode 17 of Stocks & Beers with Rich now! Stocks of the Week include, Prime Media (ASX:PRT), Here, There & Everywhere (ASX:HT1), Damstra (ASX:DTC)

Stocks and Beers: Ep 18

Watch Episode 18 of Stocks & Beers with Rich now! Stocks of the Week include, Boss Energy (ASX:BOE), Bannerman Energy (ASX:BMN), Paladin Energy (ASX:PDN), Gale Pacific (ASX:GAP), MyState Bank (ASX:MYS), Auswide Bank (ASX:ABA)

Stocks and Beers: Ep 19

Watch Episode 19 of Stocks & Beers with Rich now! Stocks of the Week include, Bannerman Energy (ASX:BMN), Commonwealth Bank (ASX:CBA), Evolution Mining (ASX:EVN), Money3 (ASX:MNY), Pantoro (ASX:PNR).

Stocks and Beers: Ep 22

Watch Episode 22 of Stocks & Beers with Rich now! Stocks of the Week include, Afterpay (ASX:APT), Capral (ASX:CAA), Lake Resources (ASX:LKE), Tuas (ASX:TUA), Zip (ASX:Z1P)