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2023 ASX Sector Analysis

Covering agriculture, mining, technology, finance, energy, industrial and more; Australia's top fund managers share their insight into how the ASX is shaping up in 2023.

Buying Great Stocks at Low Prices

Our Blue Chip Value Portfolio’s strategy of buying on weakness and holding has been working, with an 10% return on Qantas Airways (QAN) since we tipped it four months ago. Not only that but our big mining and bank stocks are also delivering.

8 Trading Strategies For 2023

We are seeing value in the market. This article is designed to sharpen your knowledge and skill base to take full advantage of these opportunities. While we have increased our buying recently, our own Small Cap Portfolio remains 75% invested. First, it’s important to clear out your portfolio, which is where our Portfolio Manager, The Idle Speculator always starts.

Actions To Position Your Portfolio For 2023 And Beyond

Now that there has been selling in equities, the expected return of those assets has climbed. That’s right, there is now value. It will not be a smooth ride and company specifics will be the key to whether or not a stock finds favour, but the time to start bulking up your portfolio is now.

How to reduce your portfolio's risk

Get 3 key investor take-outs, on what you need to do to reduce risk with rising inflation.

In keeping with our mantra to Protect with Blue Chips, Grow with Small Caps, we spoke to Blue Chip Value’s Portfolio Manager Sam Ferraro about the upcoming portfolio rebalance, drilling down on each sector and the macro picture. Summing up, he says: “I’m looking to preserve capital during this period of rising interest rates.”

Three key take-outs for investors during reporting season

3 must-read takeouts for investors:

All ASX listed companies are delivering their report cards. On the whole, we are seeing strong momentum and increasing dividends in this second half of the year.

How to Invest Successfully in a Volatile Market

I’ve just come back from a couple of weeks skiing and let me tell you, it’s like investing. Every turn you make you have to adjust. You have to trust your body to keep up with your skis. In the same way, the markets are particularly skittish right now and you have to trust your instincts. Invest small and invest often

Three Beaten up Stocks That Look Promising for Investors

Last year we saw the rise and rise of so-called “meme stocks” promoted heavily on social media, as well as technology stocks like Nuix. Fast forward to today and vast numbers of these stocks are down 90% on their 12 month highs. We’ve been trawling through some of these stocks to see whether there are opportunities.

Buying Shares and Building an ASX Share Portfolio from Scratch: One share at a time

This blog, diary or whatever you call it, is for people like me who want to invest in the share market but haven’t got around to it. Until now

Alumina and my Small Cap Shares

The ASX Shares I've bought are all in green and I'm looking at which shares to buy next. I'm planning what shares to buy next month when I've got some more money.

I can't resist checking in on my ASX listed shares every few days. It's like checking your bank balance, but more fun.

Find Quality ASX Small Caps for your Portfolio

I spend much of my time looking for quality ASX shares for Australian investors. Here are my ten quality criteria, which includes special mention from some of my favourite ASX small caps. These are the sort of shares that can remain in a share portfolio for a long-time. You know what I’m talking about. If ASX share BHP halved in price tomorrow, you would want to buy more. This is a share that is going to be around forever. What I’m talking about are the BHPs of the small cap world. The types of shares that if they fall, you would want to buy more.

Three Stocks To Watch Australia

Australia has led the world in capital raisings following the global outbreak of COVID-19 and that has produced stocks to watch Australia. Effectively, these stocks to watch Australia have been giving with one hand, paying dividends, and then taking with the other, requesting injections of equity.

7 Steps to Picking Small Cap Stocks

Making money over the long term is being able to take advantage of short-term share price gyrations. The most important component of your future returns is the price you pay for any investment. Recently we have seen many buying opportunities. These are buying opportunities you can't afford to miss because everything moves quickly in the world of ASX Small Caps.

Three Steps To Build a Growth Portfolio

Our editor Richard Hemming discusses three steps to build a growth portfolio so that you get the benefits of investing in high growth Small Caps plus the long-term benefit of investing in the broad stock market. Three steps to build a growth portfolio. Step 1: Diversification. Step 2: How many stocks to own. Step 3: Selecting the right stocks.

Five ASX Stocks to Watch in June 2021

Five ASX stocks to watch in June 2021 including Adore Beauty (ABY), Diatreme Resources (DRX), Ecograf (EGR) and Wotso Property (WOT).

Why you need to invest in the stock market today

Stocks, or equities as an asset class give better returns than bonds or property because of competition for capital. In Australia, there is the added and important benefit that domestic earnings are treated preferentially by the tax office. Investors here get imputation or franking credits.

Why Sustainability is a Key to Investing Successfully

Unlike any time previously, stock analysis now requires consideration of carbon emission reduction strategies, or more broadly, environmental and sustainability initiatives. Investors will be increasingly cautious of a lithium company which is itself a heavy carbon emitter. These issues will influence the decisions of investors such as pension funds, financiers such as banks as well as customers.

Three New ASX Stocks to Watch July 2021

Three ASX stocks to watch include Berkely Energia (ASX: BKY), Eden Innovations (ASX: EDE) and Energy World Corporation (ASX: EWC)

Market Insight: What stocks should investors buy?

Short-term interest rates in the world’s biggest market are going to rise sooner than expected. We expect them to rise in 2022 in both the US and Australia. What should ASX Share investors do?

Finding the best shares to buy 2022

The stocks mentioned in this report have all been vetted by talented investment professionals, so are worth checking out as best stocks for your long-term portfolio in 2022.

Where you can find Value in the Stock market now?

Investor fears of inflation are valid, but there is value in the stock market. The key to successful investing is paying close attention to the fundamentals of earnings, cash flow and balance sheet, remaining calm and looking at the bigger picture. The stock market will reward companies with growing earnings and dividends. This is where value triumphs.