These 10 Small Cap stocks have been the Best ASX Shares to buy.

Invest in Small Caps for outstanding growth and fast returns. The Best Shares to Buy for performance are Small Caps.

These small companies are in niche positions, expertly managed and are positioned for exponential growth. Just take a look at our top 10 best stocks to buy which have outperformed the market delivering stellar results. When we first tipped them they were small and under researched. Yet we saw that these companies had good fundamentals that reflected the opportunity for future growth.

The average return on our Top 10 Best Stocks To Buy is 1350%! 
Our top performers include: 
✓ Afterpay (APT) tipped at $2.51 now $147.00!
✓ Zip Co (Z1P) tipped at $0.66 now $12.00!
✓ Northern Star (NST) tipped at $0.83 now $10.91!
✓ Nick Scali (NCK) tipped at $1.40 now $11.71!
✓ Codan (CDA) tipped at $1.52 now $12.94!
✓ City Chic Collective (CCX) tipped at $0.48 now $4.09!
Seven West Media (SWM) tipped at $0.08 now $0.54!
Evolution Mining (EVN)  tipped at $0.72 now $4.28!
Data 3 (DTL)  tipped at $0.99 now $5.93!
Macquarie Telecom (MAQ)  tipped at $8.15 now $50.00!

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Why are ASX Small Caps the best stocks to buy?

The average return of all our 100+ Small Cap stocks is over 50%. It shows you why Small Caps are the best stocks to buy as they can grow your ASX Share portfolio.

The Best ASX share to buy for 2021

You are now ready to buy growth stocks for your share portfolio but you are looking for experts to find and choose which stock to buy for you. Under the Radar Report's team has been providing quality research and telling our members the best stocks to buy since 2011.

We find and recommend Small Caps that have:
✓ a strong balance sheet
✓ operating cash flow
experienced management team
 are a quality company AND
positioned for growth.

Our analysts are experts at picking growth stocks. Read more about our team here.

We are constantly reviewing the ASX for opportunities to buy stocks and our best stocks to buy table is updated weekly.

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Buying and Selling Shares in a changing Share Market

Having taken profits on many Small Cap stocks in the 12 months prior to Covid-19 we were well prepared for market weakness. Amid the wave of selling in late February and March 2020 we stepped in and told subscribers to buy stocks including:
 Evolution Mining (EVN)
Austal (ASB)
Medical Developments (MVP)
Select Harvests (SHV)
Freedom Foods (FNP)
Tassal (TGR).

In fact our advice through the falling market was correct. We told subscribers to buy quality Small Caps in small parcels, and to build up a holding. We recommended 20 quality Small Caps and our subscribers profited greatly from this advice.

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Current market advice and taking profits

Our advice is timely and we follow through on Buy, holds AND SELL. We keep our members up to date, alerting them when to cash in and take profits. 

Why have our subscriber done so well from investing in ASX Small Cap stocks?

It is much easier for Small Cap stocks to double or triple in size than for larger Blue Chip ASX stocks such as banks. A Small Cap stock that grows and performs well will draw more attention, increasing trading volume and driving up its valuation. These top ten best ASX shares to buy demonstrate our performance and we continue to drive outstanding results for our subscribers.

Best Small Cap Stocks with Big Opportunities

Under the Radar Report was established by our editor Richard Hemming as he could find no in-depth analysis on Small Cap Stocks to buy. Richard is one of the leading Small Cap stock commenters in Australia. Small Cap stocks are an under researched area and they are Under the Radar Report's niche. Small Cap stocks are not covered by stockbrokers or other research reports. Our weekly Small Cap stock report will give you the best ASX shares to buy, with the in-depth research that will make all the difference to your ASX share portfolio.

Our Best Small Cap stocks to buy 

These 10 Small Cap stocks have been the best ASX shares to buy, and they have made our Small Cap subscribers significant returns. This table is updated every week.

Our 10 Best ASX Small Cap Stocks by Performance (as at 16 June 2021)
AFTERPAY APT TECHNOLOGY 05/18/17 2.51 104.60 4067.3
NORTHERN STAR NST GOLD MINING 14/06/12 0.83 11.05 1339.1
CODAN CDA MANUFACTURING 05/12/13 1.52 18.10 1144.1
ZIP CO Z1P TECHNOLOGY 18/05/17 0.66 7.21 992.4
CITY CHIC COLLECTIVE CCX RETAIL 26/07/12 0.48 5.10 970.4
NICK SCALI NCK RETAIL 18/10/12 1.40 10.67 856.7
EVOLUTION MINING EVN GOLD MINING 18/03/15 0.72 4.93 653.5
COLLINS FOODS CKF  RETAIL 20/10/11 2.00 12.27 581.5

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