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We've reviewed the performance and earnings of thousands of ASX shares. Today we have hand-picked for you the best Australian ASX shares to buy now so you can start investing. You'll get focused, practical advice from our experienced independent stock pickers and analysts.

You can easily access all our independent research on any of these companies plus get our latest stocks with a free trial. Below we will examine 6 small-corporate Australian stocks including the best picks for 2011.

Which shares are best to buy now?

We love GROWTH STOCKS, or Small Caps for their outstanding returns.
Our top 10 stock picks at the end of this article have an average return of 1350%.

1. Medical Developments (ASX: MVP) 

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

The company's premium product is the 'green whistle' or Penthrox, which is an analgesic widely used by Australian medical professionals from GPs to dentists since the 1970s as a safe alternative to morphine to reduce pain. The drug has been gaining approvals in the UK/European markets. The company is also in the process of preparing to file applications in the US market. There is a respiratory division, which produces an inhaler device called a "Spacer" for asthmatics. 

MVP has offered great trading opportunities over the past few years as investors wait for sales growth to catch up with the valuation.

Market Cap: $418M

Dividend Yield: 0% 

12 month high: $2.46

Share Price @ 03/08/2021: $4.09

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2. Catapult Group (ASX: CAT)

Industry: Technology

Catapult is a sports analytics specialist that produces monitoring devices, video analytics technology and software for elite (professional) and prosumer (amateur and semi-professional) athletes. Its products are used by almost 3,000 sports teams, in 39 sports across the globe, including AFL, NRL, NFL, NBA and the English Premier League.

This unique sports technology has a strong global market place and increasing scale. Its business is recovering from the hit to sales from Covid, but its penetration remains a tenth of its aspiration. Read more

Market Cap: $411 million

Dividend Yield: 0% 

12 month high: $2.46

Share Price @ 03/08/2021: $1.72

Please remember that our independent stock advice is updated every week and to read the full research on any of these stocks, or for our latest picks, please sign up for a free trial.

3. Tassal (ASX: TGR) 

Industry: Foods

Tassal is Australia's largest producer of salmon, which is in demand from big supermarkets because of its protein-rich qualities. It's also a business that is heavily protected in Australia from cheap imports because of a gill disease found in salmon. In October 2015 it purchased the De Costi seafood distribution business for $50m plus earnouts, and in 2018 paid just over $30m for a large prawn farming operation, Fortune Group.

The company looks good value, with strong earnings, and it pays a dividend of 4%, that could climb to 5% in FY22.

Market Cap: $814 million

Dividend Yield: 3.6% 

12 month high: $4.13

Share Price @ 22/04/2021: $3.84

Read more about three New ASX Small caps

4. Gale Pacific (GAP)

Industry: Manufacturing

The Melbourne based company of screening and shading products is producing for world markets and has restructured and rationalised its business after a series of cost blowouts. Its products are used for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and it has operations in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Middle East and China. The stock produces at its own facilities in China. The company has made a big investment in US capacity to populate the aisles of major US retailers. Gale has established a big distribution network and built up inventory and the supply chain, and management needs to demonstrate success in selling through these channels.

Market Cap: $101.9 million

Share Price: $0.37

Dividend yield: 5.4%

5. Southern Cross Electrical (SXE)

Mining services

This service company installs electricals into big resources projects and through acquisition has diversified its operations into big construction and infrastructure projects in East and West Australia. The company's focus is on providing large-scale specialised electrical, control and instrumentation installation and testing services for the resources, commercial, infrastructure, defence and industrial sectors.

Following a difficult 1H21, a strong rebound is expected in the second half driven by the commercial team, and a record $500m order book.

Market cap: $129m

Share Price @ 05/08/2021: $0.52

​Dividend yield: 6.5%

6. Capral (CAA)

Manufacturing company

The aluminium products producer has hung in there, having cut its fixed costs in the past few years; but is exposed to currency changes, aluminium share volatility, and import dumping from South East Asia. The company is exposed to residential homebuilding volumes, including apartments, as well as commercial construction, transport and marine markets.

It's trading cash flow multiple remains good value in the mid-dingle digits and profitability is increasing due to cost cuts and capacity expansion.

Market cap: $129.5 billion

Share Price @ 05/08/2021: $7.60

​Dividend yield: 6.5%

Six of the best shares to buy now
Today we have given you 6 small cap growth stocks that have strong earnings, experienced management and long term potential for investors. Our advice is updated on our website. Access our latest information here.

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But stock picking always looks easy in hindsight! It's picking future growth that is hard to do. It's why independent research and smart stock picking are essential.

We look for earnings and financial strength, experienced management and companies that operate in a niche industry that have a clear catalyst for success. These quality Australian companies operate in a broad range of industries including resources: gold, lithium, uranium, and manufacturing, med-tech and more!

Best Shares right now

What is a safe stock to buy now?

Covid-19 showed that the stock market fell fast and if you had invested all your money into one stock that you would have lost. But then it bounced back and if you held on, or even bought more when it was falling, you would have made money. Covid has also taught us that there is always risk, whether we like it or not when we open the front door.

There is risk by leaving money in the bank, with interest rates so low your money is losing value over time.

The answer of 'what is a safe stock to buy now', is that you need to build a portfolio of shares. If you only invest in one share you are setting yourself up for failure. You are aiming to own 7-15 quality companies, in different industries. It's all about diversification. Let's get you started now.

3 ASX shares for beginners?

If you are a beginner investor we recommend for your wealth management that you build a balanced portfolio of shares. Part of the mix are Blue Chip shares and also growth shares. Read more about building your investment strategy in our expert beginner's guide on how to start investing in shares.

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Best stocks for a retiree?

Blue Caps are known for being a safe bet and for their dividends. See our ultimate guide on ASX Blue Chips. Small Caps can also provide solid dividend yield of 5%+ and we choose small caps that have good economic growth projections and earnings per share.

50% of the Small Caps we recommend pay dividends.
Look at Small Caps GAP, SXE and CAA.

Please remember: Our buy, sell and hold advice is always kept up to date and changes! To access our latest up to date advice and data on GAP, SXE and CAA and all our 100+ Small Caps and Blue Chips please take out a free trial now.

Best lithium shares on the stock market

Lithium is a growth area, now in the news, driven by electric vehicles. Investors looking for trading and investment opportunities are in the right spot.

We are maintaining our recommendations on our four selected lithium stocks, all of which are in production and expected to experience growth.

The four strongest lithium companies that we recommend, have premium assets and our analysts believe these investment opportunities have big growth potential. Stock market confidence in the demand outlook for lithium has increased.

Please remember: To get our latest up to date advice and financial data please take out a trial now.

Read more on lithium stocks to buy and trade right now.

Outperforming Australian energy stocks

This sector has been a topic of conversation recently because there have been some big increases in prices including oil, gas and LNG. However, this hasn't been reflected in many of the stock prices yet.

There are many opportunities in oil, gas and renewables. It's choosing the right stock, with strong revenue and future asset growth that is harder to pick in a crowded market in Australia. We have an inhouse expert to guide you on which small energy stocks will have long term success. It's important to have independent, focussed research so you can be at the forefront when these opportunities arise. 

Please remember: Our stock report is out each week. To get our latest up to date advice and data please take out a free trial now.

Best gold stocks to buy now

Under the Radar Report's top four gold shares have returned an average of 90% since early 2018, most recently aided by a gold price that has climbed 21% in six months in US$ and 18% in A$ terms.

The importance of buying ASX gold stocks has only increased over the past few months in line with the share price. The unlimited money printing around the world triggered as a response to the covid, on top of existing record levels of government debt, has a number of implications. In the medium term, these would appear to be very supportive of the price of gold in US$. It is possible that A$ strength will offset that somewhat if US$ weakness continues to be part of the story.

Please remember: Stock recommendations are updated each week. Get our latest up to date financial advice now.

Growth stocks: Small Caps

At Under the Radar Report we have an entire database of over 100+ Small Caps + the top Blue Chips for our clients. Each week we update our Best Shares table that can be found in the weekly Stock Reports and on the exclusive online dashboard making it easy to start investing and keeping up to date.

Our top 10 Small Caps: Outstanding returns.

You invest in Small Caps for outstanding growth and fast returns.
The Best Shares to buy for performance are Small Caps.

These small caps were in niche positions, expertly managed and positioned for exponential growth. It's why we picked them. They weren't the flavour of the day when we first picked them. But they are now!

Look at our top 10 stocks in the last 10 years.

These companies have outperformed for our clients delivering stellar results. When we first tipped them they were small and under researched. Yet we saw that these companies had good fundamentals that reflected the opportunity for future growth.

The average return on our Top 10 Best Stocks To Buy is 1350%! 

Our top performers include: 

1. Afterpay (APT) we tipped at $2.51 now $147.00!

Top Performing Stocks

2.  Zip Co (Z1P) we tipped at $0.66 now $12.00!

3. Northern Star (NST) we tipped at $0.83 now $10.91!

Top Performing Stocks






4. Nick Scali (NCK) we tipped at $1.40 now $11.71!

Top Performing Stocks






5. Codan (CDA) we tipped at $1.52 now $12.94!

6. City Chic Collective (CCX) we tipped at $0.48 now $4.09!

7. Seven West Media (SWM) we tipped at $0.08 now $0.54!

Top Performing Stocks
8. Evolution Mining (EVN)  we tipped at $0.72 now $4.28!

9. Data 3 (DTL)  we tipped at $0.99 now $5.93!

Top Performing Stocks
10. Macquarie Telecom (MAQ)  we tipped at $8.15 now $65.00!

Top Performing Stocks

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Why ASX Small Caps the best stocks to buy?

Small Caps are stocks with a market cap from $50 million to $500 Million. As a result they are usually inexpensive, and have the potential for extraordinary growth rates. The best part? Small caps are usually ignored by the average fund manager, leaving the incredible growth potential to small investors. Not all stocks however, are golden, so which to choose? Under the Radar's financial analysis and Research has provided investors an average return of over 50% for 100+ Small Cap Stocks.

The Best ASX share to buy for 2021

You are now ready to buy growth stocks for your Australian share portfolio but you are looking for experts to find and choose which stock to buy for you. Under the Radar Report's team has been providing expert research and giving practical investment advice to our members since 2011.

We find and recommend Small Caps that have:
✓ a strong balance sheet
✓ operating cash flow
experienced management team
 are a quality company AND
positioned for growth.

Current market advice and taking profits

Our advice is timely and we follow through on Buy, holds AND SELL. We keep our members up to date, alerting them when to cash in and take profits. 

Why have our members done so well from investing in ASX Small Cap stocks?

It is much easier for Small Caps to double or triple in size than for Blue Chip ASX stocks like the banks.

A Small Cap stock that grows and performs well will draw more attention, increasing trading volume and driving up its valuation. These top ten best ASX shares to buy demonstrate our performance and we continue to drive outstanding results for our subscribers.

Best Small Cap Stocks with Big Opportunities

Under the Radar Report was established by our editor Richard Hemming as he could find no in-depth analysis on Small Cap Stocks to buy. Richard is one of the leading Small Cap stock commenters in Australia. Small Cap stocks are an under researched area and they are Under the Radar Report's niche. Small Cap stocks are not covered by stockbrokers or other research reports. Our weekly Small Cap stock report will give you the best ASX shares to buy, with the in-depth research that will make all the difference to your ASX share portfolio.

Our 10 Best ASX Small Cap Stocks by Performance (as at 24 November 2021)
AFTERPAY APT TECHNOLOGY 05/18/17 2.51 106.93 4160.2
CITY CHIC COLLECTIVE CCX RETAIL 26/07/12 0.48 6.12 1178.6
NICK SCALI NCK RETAIL 18/10/12 1.40 15.17 1178.1
NORTHERN STAR NST GOLD MINING 14/06/12 0.83 9.66 1172.3
ZIP CO Z1P TECHNOLOGY 18/05/17 0.66 5.31 704.5
PILBARA MINERIALS PLS LITHIUM 01/10/20 0.32 2.52 698.4
COLLINS FOODS CKF  RETAIL 20/10/11 2.00 12.80 608.0
CODAN CDA MANUFACTURING 05/12/13 1.52 9.83 600.0

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