We tell you how to invest in ASX Shares and Small Caps

When investing in ASX shares you don't put all your eggs in one basket. It's all about building a diversified ASX share portfolio. Small Caps are an important part of this strategy. 

When you invest in ASX Shares, diversification is key

It's important to get the structure of your ASX share portfolio right. Half your ASX Share portfolio should be invested directly in Blue Chip or in market based investments. Up to 25% should be in cash so you are always liquid to take advantage of buying opportunities and 25% of every portfolio should be invested in 7-10 ASX Small Caps to give your share portfolio the opportunity to really grow. Remember that it's much easier for a small company to double or triple in value than for a Blue Chip to grow by 5-10%. Small Caps are growth stocks and when a small company grows, so does your wealth.

Investor Portfolio Small Cap Strategy
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Subscribers follow our Small Cap Portfolio to find out how to build a balanced share portfolio. You can copy the structure of our portfolio and see how we invest in ASX Shares and see what we are buying and selling. 

Each week we bring you the best stocks to buy

Under the Radar Report does all the hard work, so you don't have to. Our independent team of share analysts have over 150 years of collective experience working in the industry. Each week they search through the ASX Small Cap stocks and recommend to you the best Small Cap stocks to buy that will give your share portfolio growth. 

We help ASX share investors choose which Small Cap shares to buy in our weekly Best Stocks to Buy table. This helps you choose which Small Cap shares to buy right now. 

Best Stocks to Buy Table: Average Return of 60%

Suscribers have access to our exclusive online dashboard and weekly stock reports with our Best Stocks To Buy table. These Small Cap stocks have an average return of 60%! The Small Cap stocks on this best stocks to buy list are your starting point as an investor. 

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